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  * * *    EXTENDED Deadline --- Call for Workshop and Tutorial
Proposals    * * *




We are seeking parties interested in organizing workshops and tutorials
that will be co-located with the


IEEE CEC 2012 (IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing
2012) http://conferences.computer.org/cec/2012,


to be held in Hangzhou, China, from September 9-11, 2012. If you are
interested in organizing a workshop or tutorials, please submit your
proposal in electronic form (plain text, PostScript, or PDF) to the
workshop chairs, Thomas Setzer (setzer at fzi.de) and Tokuro Matsuo
(matsuo at tokuro.net) by no later than April 15, 2012.


CEC aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from different
disciplines to explore and address recent developments and research
issues on e-commerce, enterprise computing, security and developments in
the area of social networks.


The CEC' 12 Organizing Committee invites proposals for workshops and
tutorials to be held at the 2012 Conference on Commerce and Enterprise
Computing (CEC' 12). The workshops and tutorials will take place on the
first day of the conference at the conference site.


Proposals should be submitted as outlined below and should provide
organizers and participants with an opportunity to focus intensively on
a specific topic related to the conference scope. Typically, workshops
and tutorials concentrate on an emerging topic of technical interest,
unique area of application for enterprise computing, or a community-wide
issue that deserves specialized attention.


Proposals should provide sufficient information to evaluate the quality
and importance of the topic, the goal, and the size of the interested
community. Proposals should identify one or more chairs and several
other individuals willing to serve on an organizing committee and assist
with publicity and reviewing.


Proposals should be 2-5 pages and contain at least the following


* Description

What will the workshop or the tutorial be about? Where is the relation
to topics addressed in the CEC' 12 conference?


* Goals

What do you expect will come out of the workshop or tutorial? How will
the workshop or tutorial change participants' understanding of the area?


* Format

How will the workshop or the tutorial sessions be scheduled? For
example, how much time will be used for discussion, panel discussions,
paper presentations, invited talks, or other methods for encouraging
communication and consensus? Organizers are encouraged to focus on
mechanisms other than traditional paper presentations and to
differentiate themselves clearly from typical conference sessions.


* Publicity

How do you intend to publicize the workshop or the tutorial? How will
you reach the most interested and appropriate participants?


* Potential participants

Who are potential participants?


* Organizers

Please include the name, postal address, phone number, e-mail address,
and webpage of each chair and each member of the organizing committee.
In addition, indicate the chairs' background in the area of interest.




* EXTENDED Deadline for workshop and tutorial proposals: April 15, 2012

* Notification of workshop and tutorial acceptance:  April 24, 2012




Proposals will be reviewed by the workshop chairs and members of the
organizing committee. Please submit your proposal in electronic form
(plain text, PostScript, or PDF) to the workshop chairs, Thomas Setzer
(setzer at fzi.de) and Tokuro Matsuo (matsuo at tokuro.net).


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