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*IEEE IT Professional*

*Call for Papers*

*Advancing Green IT*

*Publication: January 2013
Submission deadline: 1 July 2012

We are called upon to make our IT systems and work practices greener
(environmentally friendly) and to harness the power of IT to address the
environmental problems facing us. Green IT is about responding to this
call. It is an environmental imperative, and, as many would advocate, our
social responsibility.

Green IT is a topic of growing relevance and significance due to an
increasing recognition of the harmful effects of climate change, new
stringent environmental legislations, concerns about electronic waste
disposal practices that damage our environment, and corporate image
concerns that are pushing businesses and individuals to go green. We can
make a difference by advancing green IT and embracing it in several areas
of enterprise and personal activities.

* *The January/February 2013 issue of *IT Professional* will focus on
Advancing Green IT. The magazine solicits papers covering a range of
topics, including:

 ·        Environmental impacts of IT and ways to make IT environmentally

·        Green computing and green data centers

·        Green data storage systems

·        Green clouds

·        Green software

·        Green networking and communication

·        Environmentally-friendly IT life-cycle management and asset

·        Green supply-chain management

·        Green business process reengineering and management

·        Using IT to support various environmental initiatives in business,
industry and society— smart buildings and homes, smart grids, sustainable
IT services, and IT-enabled smart communities

·        Assessment of the effectiveness of green IT initiatives

·        Green IT metrics, maturity models, standards, and regulations

·        Green IT auditing

·        Green IT strategies and policies

·        Roadmapping the future of sustainable IT services

·        Aligning the IT strategy with corporate sustainability strategy

·        Fostering a sustainable IT organization

·        User’s and industry’s attitude toward green IT

·        Governments’ roles in fostering and enforcing green initiatives

·        Innovative ways of creating green awareness using IT

·        Benefits of, and barriers to, adopting greener IT practices

·        Examples and case studiesFeature articles should be no longer than
4,200 words (with tables and figures each counting as 300 words) and have
no more than 20 references. Illustrations are welcome.

For author guidelines, including sample articles see:
 Submit your article at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/itpro-cs by *1
July 2012*.

For further information contact the guest editors:

*San Murugesan*, BRITE Professional Services & Univ. of Western Sydney,
Australia, san1 at internode.net

*G.R. Gangadharan*, Institute for Development and Research in Banking
Technology, India, geeyaar at gmail.com

*Robert R. Harmon*, Portland State University, USA, harmonr at pdx.edu

*Nina Godbole*, IBM India, ninagodbole at yahoo.com
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