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AMCIS 2012 Conference Update
We are quickly approaching AMCIS 2012 in Seattle, August 9-11, 2012. To get the latest information about the conference, please go to: http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/. Also, you can follow updates and post your AMCIS 2012 updates on Twitter (#AMCIS2012<https://twitter.com/search/%23AMCIS2012>)! We are updating the conference website almost daily with the latest information. Here is an update from the conference chairs and committee members.

1.       Conference Schedule Change: We have altered the conference schedule from the past, beginning paper sessions on Thursday afternoon (2:00 p.m.); ending Saturday afternoon (5:00 p.m.). The conference will conclude Saturday night with the conference social event at the Experience Music Project at the Seattle Center, one of the coolest places on the planet (http://www.empmuseum.org/)! Please note that the schedule change responds to past AMCIS attendee sentiment where many did not like or attend Sunday morning sessions. This change will also help to save attendee money, shortening the stay in Seattle (e.g., it will allow many attendees to arrive on the day the conference begins prior to the first paper sessions on Thursday afternoon; people will be able to leave first thing on Sunday morning; saving a day of travel for many).

2.       Ancillary events (meetings, workshops, etc.): Given the schedule changes, these events will primarily take place on Thursday morning prior to the start of paper sessions (8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.). Longer events may begin on Wednesday, or could be held on Sunday. Check the website for schedule updates and see the Workshop summary below for more information (http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/index.php/program/ancilliary-meetings).

3.       Conference registration: Conference registration will open on May 1; make sure you register early to get the best rates possible (http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/index.php/general-information/registration-info).

4.       Hotel: The hotel registration is now available off the conference website. It looks like we will have very strong attendance at this year's conference; please reserve your room now to assure your room in the newly remodeled Seattle Sheraton! It is a SUPER hotel and location (http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/index.php/hotel-and-travel-information/hotel-reservation).

5.       Keynote speakers: We are going to have two plenary sessions, Friday and Saturday mornings. We will have exciting keynoters planned; please check the website for updates soon (http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/).

6.       Conference Program: K.D. Joshi (Washington State University) and Youngjin Yoo (Temple University) are the AMICS Program Co-chairs. The AMCIS program is comprised of 24 tracks (http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/index.php/program/tracks-and-minitracks) which are mostly sponsored by the SIG Groups. The program was developed collaboratively by the Program Chairs and 300+ Track and Mini-track Chairs. Despite the space limitations, we are planning to have approximately 550+ paper and 50+ poster presentations. We are excited to see the diversity in the program content and encouraged by the mini-track themes which focus on several key emerging technologies. As we try to manage such a large program, we are consistently facing various challenges including manuscripts that were never assigned to reviewers, track chairs who cannot keep track of mini-track chairs, mini-track chairs who could not log on to the systems, and yes, of course, delinquent reviews. Yet, our anxiety was significantly reduced by the constant presence of our omnipresent review coordinator, Gord Burtch who was able to stay on the top of all these problems 24x7 and keep us calm. Gord, who is finishing up his 3rd year at Temple University, used his project management skill that he perfected when he was working at Accenture and made our lives so much easier. Of course, we would like to thank tireless work by all track-chairs, mini-track chairs and reviewers, without whom we cannot run this program. Finally, we are so thankful to the authors who submitted their work to AMCIS 2012! We hope to see you all in Seattle.

7.       Conference Panels: Suprateek Sarker (Washington State University) is organizing the conference panels. This year we have an interesting array of panels on diverse topics. These include: the perspectives of Deans on how IS programs should position themselves in Business Schools, what IT Executives think IS researchers should be focusing on, the "dark sides" of IT use, how IT research in Healthcare can make an impact on practice, opportunities and challenges in using PLS, and a number of professional development issues.

8.       Doctorial Consortium: Debabrata Dey (University of Washington) and John Wells (University of Massachusetts) are honored to be co-chairing the upcoming AMCIS 2012 Doctoral Consortium. The consortium has been designed to help doctoral students develop an effective career plan that is based on both personal and professional goals. The consortium will focus on three primary objectives: 1) provide networking opportunities for students with peers and faculty, 2) discuss how students can publish their research in premier IS journals, and, 3) prepare doctoral students for the job market. Faculty advisors include Izak Benbasat, Vidyanand Choudhury, Fred Davis, Matt Germonprez, Andrew Hardin, Hope Koch, Atanu Lahiri, Eleanor Loiacono, Robin Poston, Jason Thatcher, Ryan Wright, and special guest Paul Gray. For doctoral students who are interested in participating in the consortium, the application can be found at: http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/index.php/program/dc. The DEADLINE for applying to AMCIS 2012 Doctoral Consortium is APRIL 15th.

9.       MIS Camp: Traci Hess (University of Massachusetts) and Andrew Burton-Jones (University of British Colombia) are excited to be co-chairing our MIS Camp. The aim of the MIS Camp is to support junior faculty to successfully navigate the challenges along the journey to becoming tenured, senior faculty. The emphasis is on interaction, sharing of experiences, listening, and fun. The camp counselors include Detmar Straub (keynote), Steven Alter, Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Elena Karahanna, Lars Mathiassen, Mike Morris, Suzanne Pawlowski, Craig Van Slyke, and special guest Paul Gray. The theme is "Taking Charge of Your Academic Career" and the aim will be to share insights and skills that help attendees to do just that. It is open to all untenured MIS faculty, but attendance is limited to 30 people, so if you are interested in attending, please register soon at: http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/index.php/program/mis-camp.  The DEADLINE for applying to participate in the MIS Camp is APRIL 25th.

10.   Conference Workshops: Mauricio Featherman (Washington State University) has been busy organizing an exciting set of workshops, including the design of our digital future from a Zachman-Enterprise Architecture-perspective, how to manage and leverage "Big Data," insights for designing open source Web 2.0 applications, exploring the mobile application ecosystem, theory development, the gamificatoin of work, commerce and education. We expect some updates here, so please see the website for more information (http://amcis2012.aisnet.org/).
As you can see, a lot has taken place and we hope to see you at AMCIS 2012 in Seattle. Please contact us or the respective leaders of various conference areas for more information. We would like to thank all the people who are helping to make AMCIS 2012 a success.  Thank everyone!

We hope we see you in Seattle.

Joe Valacich
Len Jessup
AMCIS 2012 Co-Chairs

Joe Valacich
Eller Professor of MIS
Eller College of Management
McClelland Hall Rm 430CC
PO Box 210108
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

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