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Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE)/WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK - An
AIS Affiliated Journal  <http://www.bise-journal.org>


BISE has its roots in the journal WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK, which became the
central publication of the German-language BISE community during the last 50
years. Both journals appear identically in German and English in the sense
of a cover-to-cover translation.


Special Focus “BISE and Marketing”

Electronic media have tremendously changed the opportunities and challenges
of marketing. Advertising effectiveness and efficiency can be much better
evaluated in electronic media compared to the offline world. Rich data and
user interaction enable personalized products, advertising and the
individualized management of the customer relationship. New forms of
marketing in search engines, social networks and via mobile devices have
emerged. Further, the interactive nature of information and communication
technology (ICT) has promoted the use of interactive pricing mechanisms such
as auctions. All these developments have been enabled by the recent
developments in the area information systems. Thus, business information
systems not only enabled these new opportunities in digital marketing, but
the intersection of marketing and BISE also provides very promising research
opportunities. To highlight these research opportunities and to advance
research on BISE and Marketing is the goal of this special focus. 

Contributions from research and business practice on the following (and
related) topics are invited: 

§  Customer Relationship Management

§  Search Engine Marketing

§  Mobile Marketing

§  Online Pricing

§  Auctions

§  Marketing in Social Networks

§  User Generated Content

§  Design of marketing-related information systems

§  Search Engine Optimization

§  Decision Support in Marketing Decision Making

§  Design Science in Electronic Commerce

§  Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing

§  Interplay between IT and Marketing Departments



Please submit papers for the sections BISE - Research Paper and BISE - State
of the Art by 2012-07-01 at the latest via the journal's online submission
system (http://www.editorialmanager.com/buis/). Please observe the
instructions regarding the format and size of contributions to Business &
Information Systems Engineering (BISE)/WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK. Papers should
not exceed 50,000 characters including spaces, minus 5,000 characters per
page for illustrations. Detailed authors’ guidelines can be downloaded from

All papers will be reviewed anonymously (double-blind process) by several
referees with regard to relevance, originality, and research quality. In
addition to the editors of the journal, including those of this special
focus, distinguished national and international professionals with
scientific and practical backgrounds will be involved in the review process.

Complementary articles covering topics of this special focus are also more
than welcome. 

Accepted papers will appear identically in English and German. The
English-language version will appear in Business & Information Systems
Engineering (BISE), the German-language version will appear in


Submission deadline: 2012-07-01 
Author notification: 2012-08-26

Completion of first revision: 2012-10-28

Author notification: 2012-12-16

Completion of a second revision (if needed, monolingual): 2013-01-20

Completion of a second revision (if needed, bilingual): 2013-02-17

Planned publication date of Issue 3/2013: June 2013 

Editors of the Special Focus 

Prof. Dr. Martin Spann (corresponding) 
Institute of Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets 
LMU Munich 
80539 Munich 
 <mailto:spann at bwl.lmu.de> spann at bwl.lmu.de 


Prof. Dr. Vandana Ramachandran 
Operations and Information Systems 
David Eccles School of Business 
University of Utah, SLC 84112

 <mailto:vandana at business.utah.edu> vandana at business.utah.edu

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz 
Chair of Information Systems, esp. Electronic Markets
TU Darmstadt 
64289 Darmstadt 
 <mailto:hinz at wi.tu-darmstadt.de> hinz at wi.tu-darmstadt.de 


We are looking forward to your submissions!


Best regards, Oliver Hinz


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