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5th Annual International Conference on ICT for Africa 2013
National University of Science and Technology(NUST), Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, March 20-23, 2013
Theme: Consolidating Africa’s Competitiveness through Bespoke ICTs

Call for Conference Track Proposals – ICT for Africa 2013
Proposals for new conference tracks due by April 30, 2012.
While building on the success of the past four conferences (Cameroun(2), Nigeria, and Uganda), the International Conference on ICT for Africa 2013 Conference Committee seeks high quality conference track proposals related to all aspects of ICT in Africa.  The International Conference on ICT for Africa is an annual conference that brings together stakeholders of the educational, industrial and public sectors in Africa, with the aim of reflecting on how to transfer, diffuse and adopt the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) within the African context; the innovation and development of ICT solutions for and within this context; impacts of ICT on society and of society on ICT; and other relevant normative, empirical, and theoretical concerns of ICT development, implementation, strategy, management and policy that are distinctive to Africa and associated developing economies.
ICT for Africa 2013 will consist of a number of conference tracks (building upon the tracks in our previous four conferences) on various topics related to ICT in African context. The ICT for Africa conference strongly encourages fruitful and pragmatic discussion of issues that could directly affects development in Africa. Each conference track will include paper presentations and group discussions. In addition, there will be keynote sessions and a final joint session where conference communiqué on each group’s findings will be presented.
Examples of Conference Tracks that the conference has had in the past include, but are not limited to, the following:

ICT, Entrepreneurship and Business
ICT in Education and E-learning 
ICT in Healthcare
Innovation, Open-source and Software Development
ICT, Development and Poverty Reduction
Internet Governance and Society
Scalable Computer Architecture & Web 2.0
Ubiquitous Mobile Computing & Applications
ICT, Youth and Gender
Electronic Government and Public Sector Reform
ICT, Media and Journalism
ICT and Climate Change
ICT, Agriculture and Food Production
Accounting Information Systems at the Workplace
ICT and Creative Industries: Gaming, Fashion, Music and Movies
Bio-informatics/Computational Biology
Open Development: Open Access, Development and ICT Innovations
ICT in Urban and Rural Management/Planning
ICTs, Exceptionalities and Special Education
ICT for Development and Economic Prosperity
Information Security, Privacy, and Risk Management
E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Social Networking
ICTs on People, Organizations, and Society
Cloud Computing In Africa
ICT for Democracy
ICT and Civil Society
Since one of the conference’s objectives is to envision and advance the future of ICT in Africa, proposers are likewise encouraged to venture outside of the list above and submit track proposals for new and emergent topical areas that they consider to be of potent importance to the scholars and professionals of ICT in Africa, especially as it relates to the conference theme. Case studies of bespoke ICT solutions in Africa are particularly welcome.
Conference tracks proposal submission
To submit your proposal send an email with attachment (in Microsoft Word document) to adekunle at ictforafrica.org   with a two-page (max.) description including: 

Name and contacts of the proposers 
Title and description of the track (Including list of topics and sub-topics)
Short biography of the proposers (150 words)
Relevance to the conference theme 
Strategy for recruiting papers 
The proposals will be reviewed by the ICT for Africa 2013 Conference Co-Chairs.
Tasks of Track Chairs
Chairs of accepted tracks will be responsible for the following tasks: 

Soliciting papers 
Coordinating reviews (at least three reviews per paper are required) 
Corresponding with the authors and the publications co-chairs 
Writing of an introduction to the conference track to be posted online
Conducting the conference track on the days of ICT for Africa 2013

Important Dates
April 30, 2012                                  Conference track proposals deadline      
May 15, 2012                                   Proposal results                                
August 30, 2012                               Paper & panel proposals submission deadline
October 15, 2012                             Review Result Returned
November 30, 2012                         Final paper submission deadline
ICT for Africa 2013 conference March 20-23, 2013 
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