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Paper Submission Deadline: *EXTENDED August 14, 2012*

Call for Papers - 3rd International Workshop on Cross Enterprise 
Collaboration, People and Work (CEC-PAW'12)


The CEC-PAW workshop, held in conjunction with the International 
Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC) <http://www.icsoc.org>, 
explores the application of service oriented concepts to the management 
and coordination of people and work as they collaborate towards a common 
goal in a dynamic ecosystem of partners, providers, and suppliers. 
Globalization, specialization, and rapid innovation are changing many 
aspects of both business and its operations. Many large organizations 
that were once self-sufficient and that could dictate processes to their 
service providers and suppliers are now finding this model 
unsustainable. To remain competitive and differentiate through 
innovation they must now collaborate as peers with specialized partners, 
service providers, and suppliers. Due to this increased complexity 
overall project failures, uncontrollable delays, and significant 
financial losses have been observed in many areas, such as global 
service delivery or the development of next generation passenger 
airplanes. This indicates the importance of finding new ways to support 
cross-enterprise work, conceptually calling for a framework that will 
support a dynamic "plug and play" modularity of organizations in their 
different roles.

Many factors contribute to the intricacy of the problem of 
cross-enterprise collaboration, including internal 
interdependency/complexity, external unpredictability, conflicts of 
interest, errors/faults, trust, reputation, conflict resolution, orderly 
rollbacks and termination of collaboration. Current approaches, 
including Service Oriented Computing (SOC), Business Process Management 
(BPM), Command and Control (C2), Computer Supported Cooperative Work 
(CSCW), Linguistics, and Crowdsourcing, vary widely and address 
different aspects of the problem. Cohesive and comprehensive research 
relating these together and treating the problem in its totality remains 
to be done.

There is growing awareness that the next quantum leap in IT will be the 
application of Service Oriented concepts to optimize how people do work 
in globally distributed ecosystems. Principled methods to coordinate and 
optimize collaborative work across enterprise boundaries have the 
potential to strongly impact business and society.

    Call for Papers

The CEC-PAW workshop encourages original research papers related, but 
not limited, to the main themes and preliminary research questions

  * Decomposition of large projects into "chunks" that can be
    dynamically assigned to different organizations for execution.
  * Operational agility in both setting up new operations to accomplish
    a shared business objective as well as responding to unpredictable
    events during execution.
  * Governance, safeguarding and securing management and coordination
    across the collaborating enterprises and their providers and suppliers.
  * Deep visibility into all aspects of work and process across an
    ecosystem of partners, providers, and suppliers. Metrics, sensors,
    and E2E monitoring that span both the horizontal cross-enterprise
    collaboration and the vertical stacks of providers and suppliers
  * Models, methods, formalisms, and languages that focus on the control
    and coordination of cross-enterprise collaboration in different domains
  * Extending SOA formalisms, encapsulations, and constructs to
    facilitate the definition, dispatch, and orchestration of human Work
    as a Service (WaaS) that can be carried out interchangeably by
    qualified organizations.
  * IT, middleware, systems, tools, and framework that support
    cross-enterprise collaboration, and their relationship with current
    enterprise or domain tools and IT.
  * Dynamic flow engines that support cross-enterprise collaboration
    models and patterns to provide the flexibility required for runtime
    adaptation and evolution.
  * Context, data, and knowledge management as required for managing and
    coordinating work across organizations and their interrelationship
    with the domain data, tools, and processes.
  * The role of people and other resources in the management and
    coordination of cross-enterprise work, such as the sensible
    automation of human action, "human exception handling", utilization
    of Crowd Sourcing, cloud- and social-computing paradigms for the
    coordination and execution of work that spans across organizational
  * Centralized and distributed models of coordination and optimization
    of the doing of work, such as the application of centralized Command
    and Control centers in Smart Cities.
  * Non-functional aspects such as trust and reputation, quality,
    conflict resolution, orderly collaboration rollbacks and termination
    in cross-organizational ecosystems definable in service-level
  * Format and Program and Review Process

The goal of this workshop is to foster research in the emerging area of 
cross enterprise collaboration. We invite researchers and practitioners 
from a wide range of disciplines to exchange ideas and collaboratively 
explore different aspects of this area. A keynote address will be 
followed by presentations. The workshop will end with a discussion aimed 
at identifying core research challenges alongside promising approaches 
and concrete next steps for future work. The outcome will be published 
as a Manifesto in the workshop post-proceedings alongside the papers.

Submissions will be evaluated according to the relevance and originality 
of the work and to their ability to generate discussions among the 
participants of the workshop.

    Submission Instructions

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that 
are not being considered for publication elsewhere. Papers should be 
formatted according to the Springer formatting guidelines, and submitted 
as PDF electronically through the website EasyChair website at


We invite research papers up to 12 pages in length and shorter vision or 
position papers up to 5 pages.

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