[AISWorld] Look for someone to share a room in Seattle for AMCIS (Aug 9 ~ 11)

Xiao Ma xiaoma83624 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 13:44:26 EDT 2012

Hi all,

Want to go to AMCIS but don't want to spend a fortune on hotel expenses?
Check this "room sharing" email.

I'm going to AMCIS this year and looking for someone to share a room (with
two separate beds in it) near downtown Seattle. I could stay for either two
nights (nights of August 8 and 9) or three nights (nights of August 8 to
10), depending on your plan. I've made preliminary booking just to secure a
room.  It's location is [2106 Fifth Avenue, Seattle (Washington), WA
98121], so according to google maps it's only 0.5 miles (10 minutes
walking) to the conference site Sheraton Seattle Hotel. The hotel name is
Kings Inn.  For this hotel, I booked for the 2-nights. However, if you
would rather stay in a different hotel, I can cancel this hotel before the
midnight of Aug 5. In this case, please contact me asap and we will make
necessary adjustments.

So, if you are like me who wants to go to the prestigious IS conference
AMCIS but don't want to spend a fortune on lodging, let's share a room and
work something out! Plus, if you are in the IS discipline, let's also be
friends and work on some projects if possible!  How fun is that?!

Please contact me asap if interested:

Name: Sean
Email: xiaoma83624 at gmail.com
Phone: 1-608-352-0868
Affiliation: Univ of Wisconsin at Madison
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