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Call for Papers:

The Internet-of-Things: Shaping the new Internet Space (deadline January 15, 2013)





Guest Editors: Nik Bessis and Navonil Mustafee


The new version of the Internet Protocol - IPv6 - has astronomically increased the IP address space from around 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses to roughly 340 trillion trillion trillion new IPv6 identifiers.  This humongous pool of addresses ensure the continued expansion of the Internet for many decades to come and it realises the vision of everyday objects that are uniquely identifiable and are connected to the Internet - this is commonly known as the "Internet-of-Things" (IoT).  


IoT extends the human-centric view of the Internet market space wherein it was thought that the "world of humans represented a market space that would reach saturation sometime soon" (Internet Society, 2012); IoT broadens the device-centric view that predominantly considered computing and electronic devices (e.g., PCs, mobile phones, home electronics, smart cars) as the defining elements of the Internet space. 


The IoT paradigm postulates that any physical object that is identified with a unique identifier (e.g., books tagged with RFID tags, QR codes or bar codes) will be considered as a smart object that is able to be interconnected, and billions and trillions of such smart objects will shape the new Internet space. The smart objects generate data that is accessible through the Internet and in realisation of this, IoT deals with integrating and enabling several technologies and communication protocols including wired and wireless communications, networking, tracking technologies, localisation, sensors and next generation Internet.  However, the promising area of IoT also poses several challenges, for e.g., modelling and implementation issues such as architectures, interoperability, middleware, and so on.


This CCPE special issue presents the opportunity to showcase recent research in IoT and it solicits high quality papers in advances of theoretical, experimental and practical nature. The main topic areas include, but are not limited to:

·         Internet of Things, Architecture, Components, RFID, Sensors and Actuator Technologies.

·         The Geography of Things, Location and tracking of objects.

·         Inter-networking and Radio Access Protocols, Technologies, Near Field Communications.

·         Inter-operability and Inter-cooperative Protocols, Standards and Technologies.

·         Social Networks for Things, Social Graphs of Things, Link Analysis, Web of Things, Topic Maps.

·         Ad-Hoc Networks, RF Modelling, Digital Object and Context Representation and Preservation.

·         Enabling Computational Technologies (Clusters, Grids, P2P, Cloud, etc).

·         Security, Privacy, Identity, Trust and Reputation Management, Collective Behaviour and Ethical Issues.

·         Performance, Scalability, Robustness, Reliability Verification, Validation, Benchmarking.

·         Concepts and/or Frameworks of Applicable Future Technologies, Implications and Trends.

·         Standards and Reference Models.

·         Review of Literature.

·         Novel applications of IoT.


Important Dates

·         Please submit your full paper to Manuscript Central with the special issue title "Internet-of-Things". The paper submission deadline is January 15, 2013.

·         The authors will receive initial decision and reviewer comments by April 15, 2013.

·         Final papers are due by June 15, 2013.

·         Final decisions by July 15, 2013.

·         Accepted papers are expected to appear online for early view within 4 months of final decision.


CFP Web version: http://www.cc-pe.net/journalinfo/issues/2013.html#IOT2013 

CFP PDF version: https://sites.google.com/site/navonilmustafee/special-issue---call-for-papers/download-cfp



Internet Society (2012). The ISP Column, January 2012 - Addressing 2011 - One Down, Four to Go! Available online http://www.internetsociety.org/publications/isp-column-january-2012-addressing-2011-%E2%80%93-one-down-four-go [last accessed 22 July 2012].



Dr. Navonil Mustafee


*Call For Papers: 

Concurrency and Computation Practice & Experience (CCPE) Special Issue on "The Internet-of-Things: Shaping the new Internet Space". http://sites.google.com/site/navonilmustafee/special-issue---call-for-papers


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