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Anteneh Ayanso (Brock University, Canada)
Kevin Lertwachara (California Polytechnic State University, USA.)

Call for Chapters
Proposals Submission Deadline: October 15, 2012
Full Chapters Due: February 15, 2013
Submission Date: July 31, 2013
The Internet has dominantly become the most cost effective and efficient communication channel between organizations and customers today. In particular, social media has opened a new marketing channel for marketers to attract new customers and improve their performance. Compared with the slow growth of traditional marketing channels, social media continues to grow at a steady rate. Businesses are increasingly recognizing that greater visibility on the Internet and social media captures customers' interest in their businesses and product or service offerings.
Despite the significant role social media is playing in business, scholarly research on the analytics that drive social media marketing is very limited. Given the new frontiers and issues social media deals with, traditional performance metrics and frameworks may not properly serve the needs of marketers in monitoring and evaluating their social marketing endeavors. There is also limited work that attempts to synthesize the developments and practices in social media and web analytics. This book proposes to address this need by bringing academic and practitioner perspectives on social media and web analytics. The book is intended to be an important reference for academics and practitioners on the recent developments as well as the various tools, techniques, and applications of social media and web analytics.

Objectives of the Book:
Social media analytics involves algorithms, models, tools, practices, and metrics to monitor brands, industry, and competition across social media and the web. Social media analytics empowers businesses to derive intelligence from popular social media sites by analyzing conversation data. It provides the foundation to social CRM strategy by allowing businesses to quantify, understand, and respond to customers' conversations about their corporate reputation and brands within online communities. It involves sentiment and behavioral analysis, and monitoring customer interactions within online communities.
>From research perspectives, academics in the fields of information systems and marketing are currently generating several new ideas, modeling perspectives, and research directions. Documenting and synthesizing these research outputs and making them available to practitioners and future researchers will be extremely valuable. Therefore, the overall mission of this proposed book is to contribute towards this goal by documenting high quality research outputs, industry practices, and future research directions on social media and web analytics.

Target Audience:
The proposed book can serve both academic and industry audiences. In academic context, the book can be utilized either as a primary or supplementary reference on the theoretical perspectives, techniques, models, and software applications of social media analytics. The book can also serve as up-to-date reference on the current and potential future applications and practices of social media and web analytics in various industries.

Suggested Topics:
The following are some recommended topics.  Any other related topics will be considered.
Social Media and Marketing
*    Social Media Platforms and Tools
*    Social Media Opportunities and Challenges
*    Social Media Current and Future Trends
*    Social Marketing Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
*    Social Analytics and Business Insights
*    Data Management for Social Analytics
*    Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques and Algorithms (related to social media)
*    Machine Learning and AI techniques (related to social media)
*    Brand Monitoring and Customer Listening Techniques (related to social media)
*    Fan Profiling and Segmentation Techniques
*    Measuring Social Marketing ROI
*    Measuring Social Customer Life Time Value
*    Measuring Social Customer Acquisition and Retention Costs
*    Google Social Analytics and Social Reports
*    Facebook Page Insights
*    Twitter's Advertiser Analytics
*    Integrating Web Analytics and Social Analytics
*    Integrating Social Analytics and Traditional CRM
*    Social Analytics Features and Capabilities
*    Social Analytics Vendor Comparisons

Submission Procedure:
Academics, researchers, practitioners, and those in industry and the military are invited to submit a 2- 3 page short proposal by October 15, 2012, explaining the mission and objectives of the chapter (e.g., objective, methodology, expected findings, importance, and limitations).  Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by November 15, 2012. Chapters are expected to be about 10,000 to 12,000 words each. Full chapters are expected to be submitted by February 15, 2013. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. All submissions must be original and may not be under review by another publication.

Important Dates:
October 15, 2012: 2 - 3 page proposal due
November 15, 2012: Proposal acceptance notification
February 15, 2013: Book chapter due
April 15, 2013: Notification of review results
May 15, 2013: Revision due
June 1, 2013: Final decision notification
Inquiries and submissions can be forwarded electronically (Word document):

Anteneh Ayanso
Brock University
St. Catharines, Canada
aayanso at brocku.ca<mailto:aayanso at brocku.ca>


Kevin Lertwachara
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, U.S.A.
klertwac at calpoly.edu<mailto:klertwac at calpoly.edu>

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