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*SIGBPS Workshop on Business Processes and Services***

December 15, 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA

(in conjunction with International Conference on Information Systems)

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum to discuss new research
directions in the area

of business process management and business service automation. A critical
goal of the

workshop is to cultivate high quality research concerning Internet-enabled
business processes

and services, which include new technological advances such as cloud
computing, mobile

commerce, service virtualization, and big data analysis.

This workshop aims to extend the boundaries of research in business process
management by

integrating new elements that have not been sufficiently emphasized in the
past. The recent

rapid advances in information systems have created both challenges and
opportunities to develop

new business services via innovative business processes. For instance, we
know how to

automate routine, formal business processes but have not really attempted
computerizing ad hoc

processes that may emerge spontaneously and have short life span. These may
include examples

like setting up ad hoc meetings that may involve a number of people from
different places,

different IT devices and platforms, an evolving agenda, a set of documents
as inputs and outputs

and some decisions and outcomes. Such meetings are often very valuable but
also time

consuming to organize and manage.

Another important area of interest of this workshop is to promote
theoretical efforts in business

processes. The business process modeling and automation research has been
largely driven by

the need to solve practical problems. There has been a lack of strong
theories in this area and we

believe that it is essential to develop new theories about business process
and service automation.

The Process Virtualization Theory (

proposed by Eric Overby, presents an excellent example of such theories and
provides a great

starting point for a theoretical discussion at the workshop.

Given the nature and purposes of this workshop, we invite papers of no more
than five pages that

are well articulated and formatted in single line spacing, Times New Roman,
12 pt, 1 inch

margins. We particularly seek position papers but also welcome conceptual
papers with a strong

theoretical flavor, as well as completed research papers or
research-in-progress papers.

Suggested research topics include, but not limited to, the following ones:

   -  Cloud computing and process management
   -  Collaborative processes in social media
   -  Coordination and cooperation mechanisms for process management
   -  Data mining for process technologies and management
   -  Financial service applications
   -  Frameworks and methodologies for collaboration processes
   -  Healthcare and process management
   -  Human resource management under distributed process technologies
   -  Metrics and measurements in business processes and services
   -  Evaluations of business process and service implementations
   -  Mobile commerce and process management
   -  Organization and culture issues in process automation
   -  Process competencies in information intensive businesses
   -  Process management methodologies
   -  Business process theories and applications
   -  Technology and architecture issues in process driven organizations
   -  Telecommuting and process modeling
   -  Workflows in collaborative operations and systems
   -  Consequences of process and service virtualization
   -  Possible emergence of novel virtual intermediaries
   -  Public policy implications

*Conference Chairs:*

J. Leon Zhao, City University of Hong Kong

Michael Goul, Arizona State University

*Program Chairs:*

Karl R. Lang, City University of New York

Wei Thoo Yue, City University of Hong Kong


Shaokun Fan

*Program Committee and Tracks:***

* *

*Track Chairs Topics*

Amit Deokar and Surendra Sarnikar Knowledge Intensive Processes

Xiaoying Dong and Angela Yan Yu Open Information Service for Oganizations

Daning Hu and Huaiqing Wang Financial Intelligence and Applications

Dongsong Zhang and Lina Zhou Mobile Web and Services

Noyan Ilk and Mingfeng Lin E-Business Service Management

Harry Wang and Harris Wu Business Process Intelligence

Manlu Liu Community-based Software Strategies

Michael Chau and Jennifer Xu Social Network Processes and Services

Qiang Wei and Junjie Wu Business Intelligence in E-Commerce

Wanchun Dou and Shaokun Fan Collaboration Technology and Management

Xin Li and G. Alan Wang Process Mining and Analytics

Xitong Guo and Jan vom Brocke Business Process Innovation and Transformation

Xunhua Guo and Xianghua Lu Social Media and E-Commerce Strategies

Yan Li and Xue Yang Mobile Commerce Business Processes and Operations

Qiang Ye Online User Generated Content

Kannan Mohan and Radhika Jain Managing Software Development Processes

*Important Dates:*

   -  Submission Due: October 15, 2012
   -  Acceptance Decision: October 30, 2012
   -  Final Submission: November 15, 2012
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