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Volume 25 Number 3 2012

Coordinating humanitarian information: The problem of organizational and
technical trajectories
by Andrea H. Tapia, Edgar Maldonado, Louis-Marie Ngamassi Tchouakeu and
Carleen F. Maitland 

ERP implementation as a broad socio-economic phenomenon: The agora of
techno-organisational change
by Antonios Kaniadakis 

Sequential attrition of secondary school student interest in IT courses
and careers
by Catherine Lang 

Interventionist grid development projects: a research framework based on
three frames
by Will Venters and Avgousta Kyriakidou-Zacharoudiou 

Analyzing trajectories of information security awareness
by Aggeliki Tsohou, Maria Karyda, Spyros Kokolakis and Evangelos

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