[AISWorld] New issue of the ICST Transactions on e-Education and e-Learning

Giovanni Vincenti giovanni.vincenti at icst.org
Mon Sep 24 13:13:32 EDT 2012

With great pleasure I report the contents of our latest issue:

1) A Method for Teaching the Modeling of Manikins Suitable for 
Third-Person 3-D Virtual Worlds and Games by Nick Flor;

2) Animating Instructional Materials in Computer Education: An Approach 
to Designing and Teaching Concepts in Data Structures Using LATEX by 
Damilola Osikoya and Adeleke Oluwalani;

3) Collaboration on the web – Chances of participation in a formal 
education context by Jane Fleischer, Klaus Bredl and Ramona Weise;

4) Scaffolding in Mobile Science Enquiry-based Learning Using Ontologies 
by Sohaib Ahmed, David Parson and Mandia Mentis;

5) Smart Agent Based Mobile Tutoring and Querying System by Suresh 

You can find the latest issue as well as previous issues of the ICST 
Transactions on e-Education and e-Learning at the following address: 

The ICST Transactions on e-Education and e-Learning are published on the 
European Union Digital Library (http://eudl.eu/) and are sponsored by 
the European Alliance for Innovation (http://eai.eu/).

Giovanni Vincenti, Editor-in-Chief
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Towson University
Towson, MD 21252
United States of America

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