[AISWorld] AMCIS 2013 - SIGGlobDev Call for Minitrack Proposals

Narcyz Roztocki roztockn at newpaltz.edu
Wed Oct 3 22:33:50 EDT 2012

AMCIS 2013 – Call for Minitrack Proposals: 
ICTs in Global Development (SIGGlobDev) Track 
Global IT Cluster 

Hyperconnected World: Anything Anywhere Anytime 

The deadline: October 18, 2012 

All mini-track proposals must be submitted using Bepress (new submission system for AMCIS): 

Track co-chairs: 
Narcyz Roztocki, State University of New York at New Paltz, roztockn at newpaltz.edu 
H. Roland Weistroffer, Virginia Commonwealth University, hrweistr at vcu.edu 

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have a major impact on economic and societal development. Though developing, emerging, and transitional economies play an increasingly important role in the global market, mainstream information systems research continues to focus on the relatively small group of countries with highly developed economies. The business, social, and legal environments of developing, emerging, and transitional economies often mandate that ICT implementation and management apply different practices and models from those conceived and tested in highly developed countries. The intention of this track is to encourage more research and publications on ICT focused on developing and emerging markets and communities. 

Thus, this track serves as a forum for research on the appropriate use and diffusion of information and communication technologies and associated management practices in the distinctive environments of developing, emerging, and transitional economies. 

Suggested topics for minitracks (additional topics welcome): 
- Information Technology in Developing Economies 
- Information Technology in Emerging Economies 
- Information Technology in Transition Economies 
- ICT Issues in Africa 
- ICT Issues in China and the Pan-Pacific Region 
- ICT Issues in Latin America 
- ICT Isuues in Middle East 
- Cross-Organizational and Cross-Border IS/IT Collaboration 
- ICTs in Micro & Small Enterprises of Developing Regions 
- Digital Collaboration as a Driver for Economic Growth 
- Information Technology as a Driver for Social and Political Change 
- Disability and Information Technology in Underserved Populations 
- Education and ICT in Developing Regions 

To submit a minitrack proposal, you must submit a) minitrack chairs (names, emails, affiliation); b) minitrack title; c) short description of minitrack for the AMCIS 2013 website (up to 150 words); d) call for papers for your minitrack. 

To submit a minitrack proposal, visit: 



Important Dates: 

October 1, 2012: Submit minitrack proposals to Bepress (new submission system for AMCIS) 
October 18, 2012: Minitrack proposals due 
November 19, 2012: Revised Minitrack proposal due 
January 4, 2013: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2013 begin 
February 22, 2013: AMCIS 2013 Paper Submission Deadline (11:59 PM Eastern Std. Time) 

To view the full schedule of activities for minitrack chairs, visit: 
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