[AISWorld] Handbook of evaluating the effective use of emerging technologies in education (request for your inputs)

Shailey Minocha shailey_lists at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 06:12:40 EDT 2012

Dear colleagues:

In a JISC (www.jisc.ac.uk)-funded project, we are developing a handbook (practical guide as a downloadable pdf) for educators and researchers for evaluating the effectiveness of their initiatives involving social software. So, for example, if you have introduced a wiki in one of your modules to support team projects and would like to find out how useful this initiative has been for students: did the wiki-activity meet the intended learning outcomes, what were the students experiences, what obstacles they faced, and so on, then, you could look up this handbook: to choose research methods to suit your context, find out 'how-to apply' the method(s), ethical considerations and templates, and examples of similar initiatives.

We would be most grateful if colleagues could kindly contact me <s.minocha at open.ac.uk> to share experiences: research methods that you have applied; what has worked and what didn't work; and if there are publications/case studies that you would like to be included in the handbook and in the JISC Design Studio <http://bitly.com/RsgQ7b>

All the contributions will be duly acknowledged in the handbook and in the Design Studio, and anonymity will be maintained in case colleagues would like their specific stories to remain anonymous.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Dr. Shailey Minocha
Centre for Research in Computing
The Open University, UK
email: <s.minocha at open.ac.uk>
profile: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/shaileyminocha

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