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Andrea Carugati ANDREAC at asb.dk
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Dear all,
I would like to thank all the colleagues that took their time in answering
my question about an "inspirational" book and teaching material for IS
strategy course. In the following I report the list of responses (slightly

************** Thanks Carol!
Carol Saunders and Keri Pearlson, 5th edition in an international version:
Strategic Management of Information Systems.
This book is targeted for the Masters level and is probably the first to
have a social business emphasis.  Each chapter has a box that focuses in
social business issues, as well as several short cases support this
perspective. We have also updated the text to include such topics as cloud
computing, big data, business analytics and sourcing. This edition has
more international cases than the last edition and  a geographic lens box
in most chapters. While we do have two short cases at the end of each
chapter and some additional cases online, the book is designed and priced
to be used with longer cases sold by organizations such as Harvard or Ivey
Business Schools.
Carol Saunders

**************Thanks Niels!

I can recommend 'the adventures of a CIO' by Rob Austin et al
Best regards
Niels Bjørn-Andersen

************* Thanks John!

My sympathies on having to teach IS Strategy. I just started teaching our
capstone course which only has one lecture on strategy and I couldn't find
anything that was remotely interesting. I did find a way to approach it
using a contingency approach which looked promising. I have attached two
presentations both of which are still very rough but might provide some
inspiration. In the CIO Tarpit, I introduce the combinatorial problem
which I develop through the course as an explanation for why there is no
single correct way to do this stuff. In the second presentation I use this
to develop a four dimensional planning model. The inspiration for this
approach was Hirschheim, R. and Klein, H.K. (1989) “Four Paradigms of
Information Systems Development,” Communications of the ACM., (32:10),
pp. 1199-1216. which provides a four factor model for philosophical
assumptions. I teach a lot of different classes and usually develop my own
materials as once a book has gotten through the review process for a
publisher, it is rarely ever interesting.
(I am not going to distribute John's slides without permission so please
contact him directly if interested)
John Artz


**************Thanks Yolande!
Thanks for your AISWorld query. I recommend that you try:
IT Strategy: Issues and Practices by McKeen and Smith (Pearson Prentice
Hall, Second Edition, 2012)
It's available on amazon.com. I am using it and it works brilliantly!
Yolande E. Chan, Ph.D.

************** Thanks Doug!

I don't have a complete set of articles, but I'm a fan of these 2 strategy
articles.  Your class might enjoy them:
Porter, Michael E. (1996) "What is strategy?." Harvard Business Review
Nov-Dec. p. 61-78.
McFarlan, E. Warren (1984) "Information technology changes the way you
compete"  Harvard Business Review May-June. p. 98-103.
Best Regards,

Doug Steel, Ph.D.

**************Thanks Ron!
Ciao Andrea,
I teach an introductory MIS course in our MBA program. It has a strategic
bent to it. Not sure it is as strategic as you are looking for. But a link
to my syllabus is pasted below. If there is anything of interest, I'm
happy to share any materials.
Ron Confetelli
Link: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D362180_2117150_6593342

I hope this can help also others.



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>Dear all,
>Sorry for the teaching related question Š In the spring I will be
>teaching (again) a course on IS Strategy. I would like to ask the
>community for some inspiration to change the class Š maybe radically.
>A basic question is whether anybody can suggest me an (exciting?) IS
>Strategy book for master level business students that is modern in
>conception and rich in case studies?
>Alternatively if you have an article based class and you are willing to
>share the program I would welcome that as well.
>Anticipated thanks to all and the best for the weekend!
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