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Following a very successful conference in Vienna, we invite you to submit and attend Conf-IRM 2013 in sunny Natal, Brazil!

International Conference on Information Resources Management 2013 (Conf-IRM)

Imirá Hotel, Natal, Brazil - May 22-24, 2013

Conference Theme: Managing IT in a Consumerized IT world

Academic Key-Note: Dr. Paulo Goes, University of Arizona, MIS Quarterly Incoming Editor-In-Chief

(Conference website: www.conf-irm2013.org<http://www.conf-irm2013.org>  - Facebook: www.facebook.com/conf-irm2013<http://www.facebook.com/conf-irm2013>  - Conf-IRM website: www.conf-irm.org<http://www.conf-irm.org>)

Call for Papers
Important Dates
Submission deadline: December 10, 2012 (Submission System is now open! Check at conference´s website)
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: February 4, 2013
Final Submission and Early Registration due date: March 4, 2013

Many industry and academic reports are describing the combination of the availability of ready-to-use and easy-to-implement information technology (IT) solutions, many times in the form of cloud-computing services and applications, and the presence of a tech-savvy new workforce who is able and willing to acquire and use these services as a new trend called "consumerization of IT". In this perspective, business executives will seek the IT solutions they need in the marketplace and rapidly put them to work, with or without the assistance and accordance of IT departments.

Is this a revival of the decentralization of IT decisions that happened when mini and microcomputers were first introduced in organizations, or is it something entirely new? Is this new workforce, full of Millennials and their gadgets, entirely different from the previous ones?  These are examples of questions that are surfacing, as this concept is fast developing and widening in scope. For instance, consumerization of IT could also be used to represent the fact that today in most organizations, it is consumers who represent the larger part of IT services´ users. Related to this, new questions may arise, like what are the challenges, risks and opportunities posed by this trend to IT strategy and IT management? How might These trends affect the competitive use of IT in companies?

The organizing committee invites you to submit to Conf-IRM 2013 your research work, teaching cases, and proposals for panels and tutorials, dealing with the main topic of the conference or related to one of the several topics covered by the 15 tracks, listed below. All conference submissions will be double-blind and peer reviewed. The review process will be handled by the track chairs and co-chairs.

Submission Types and Guidelines:

- Full Length Submissions
Submissions must be no more than 5000 words, including references, appendices and title page, with a maximum of 5 figures/tables. Submissions must be original, and previously unpublished, conceptual or empirical research manuscripts for review. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings in their entirety upon payment of registration fees.  Papers accepted and presented at the conference will also be placed in the AIS e-Library. Papers not presented at the conference, for any reason, will not be included in the AIS e-Library.  Highly rated papers by the reviewers will be considered for publications in selected Journals. Moreover, the paper that best represents, in terms of quality and suit ability, the theme and ideals of the conference will be awarded the "Best Paper Award" during the conference.

- Research-in-Progress Submissions
Submissions of no more than 2000 words with a maximum of 3 figures/tables:  All research-in-progress submissions will be published in the proceedings as short papers.

- Teaching Cases
We welcome submissions of teaching cases. The cases should be based on real situations and targeted at specific learning objectives.  Cases should be no more than 5000 words and must be accompanied by instructor teaching notes (not included in the 5000 words).  The teaching notes will not be published.

- Panel and Tutorial Submissions
Submissions of not more than 1000 words: Proposals should include the objectives, issues to be covered and full details of all presenters. Method of presentation is at the submitter's discretion; however, the submitter has the responsibility for providing his/her own panel members. All accepted proposals will appear in the conference proceedings (Please note that all panelists and tutorial presenters must register for the conference).

Important Announcements:

·       The number of submissions by an author (including joint authorship) is strictly limited to a maximum of two submissions.

·       Authors of accepted papers (at least one person per submission) and all panel members MUST register AND attend the conference.

·       Submissions of ALL TYPES must be received by the above deadline.

·       All submissions must be written in English (except for the ICT and Latin American Track, which accepts also papers in Spanish and Portuguese)

·       Submission System is now open: http://edas.info/N13347

Tracks and Chairs
1 IT Control, Evaluation, and Decision Making
Edward Bernroider, WU Wien, Austria: edward.bernroider at wu.ac.at<mailto:edward.bernroider at wu.ac.at>
Konradin Maier, WU Wien, Austria: konradin.maier at wu.ac.at<mailto:konradin.maier at wu.ac.at>
2 IT Service Management, Service Computing and Engineering
Yong Jin Kim, Sogang University, South Korea: yongjkim at sogang.ac.kr<mailto:yongjkim at sogang.ac.kr>
Rob Benyon, Rhodes Univ., South Africa: r.v.benyon at ru.ac.za<mailto:r.v.benyon at ru.ac.za>
3 Green IS/IT Strategies and Technologies
Roman Brandtweiner, WU Wien, Austria: roman.brandtweiner at wu.ac.at<mailto:roman.brandtweiner at wu.ac.at>
Alemayehu Molla, RMIT Univ., Australia: alemayehu.molla at rmit.edu.au<mailto:alemayehu.molla at rmit.edu.au>
Roya Gholami, Aston Business School, UK: r.gholami at aston.ac.uk<mailto:r.gholami at aston.ac.uk>
4 Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
Annette Mills, UC, New Zealand: annette.mills at canterbury.ac.nz<mailto:annette.mills at canterbury.ac.nz>
Pramila Gupta, CQU, Australia: p.gupta at mel.cqu.edu.au<mailto:p.gupta at mel.cqu.edu.au>
Carlos Quandt, PUCPR, Brazil: carlos.quandt at pucpr.br<mailto:carlos.quandt at pucpr.br>
5 ICT for Development
Antonio Díaz Andrade,  AUT University, New Zealand: antonio.diaz at aut.ac.nz<mailto:antonio.diaz at aut.ac.nz>
Leiser Silva, University of Houston: lsilva at uh.edu<mailto:lsilva at uh.edu>
Marlei Pozzebon, HEC, Canada: marlei.pozzebon at hec.ca<mailto:marlei.pozzebon at hec.ca>
6 ICT in Latin America and the Caribbean (including submissions in Spanish and Portuguese)
Renata Araújo, UNIRIO, Brazil: renata.araujo at uniriotec.br<mailto:renata.araujo at uniriotec.br>
Carlo Bellini, UFPB, Brazil: bellini at ccsa.ufpb.br<mailto:bellini at ccsa.ufpb.br>
Ariel La Paz, Universidad de Chile: lapaz at fen.uchile.cl<mailto:lapaz at fen.uchile.cl>
Alexander García Dávalos, Univ. Autónoma de Occidente, Cali, Colombia: agdavalos at uao.edu.co<mailto:agdavalos at uao.edu.co>
7 Information Security, Privacy, and Risk Management
Gurpreet Dhillon, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA: gdhillon at vcu.edu<mailto:gdhillon at vcu.edu>
Shaobo Ji, Carleton University, Canada: shaobo_ji at carleton.ca<mailto:shaobo_ji at carleton.ca>
Matthew N. Kreeger, Univ of London & Thales IT Security: matthew.kreeger at thales-esecurity.com<mailto:matthew.kreeger at thales-esecurity.com>
Brian Cusack, AUT University, New Zealand: brian.cusack at aut.ac.nz<mailto:brian.cusack at aut.ac.nz>
8 ICT in Government, Education, and Healthcare
Andy Igonor, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada: andyi at nait.ca<mailto:andyi at nait.ca>
Marie Anne Macadar, PUCRS, Brazil: marie.macadar at pucrs.br<mailto:marie.macadar at pucrs.br>
9 Electronic Business and Corporate Strategies
Zhang Cheng, Fudan University, China: zhangche at fudan.edu.cn<mailto:zhangche at fudan.edu.cn>
Maria Madlberger, Webster Univ., Austria: madlberger at webster.ac.at<mailto:madlberger at webster.ac.at>
Eusebio Scornavacca, Victoria Univ. of Wellington, New Zealand: eusebio.scornavacca at vuw.ac.nz<mailto:eusebio.scornavacca at vuw.ac.nz>
10 Cloud Computing and Virtualization
Daniel Beimborn, University of Bamberg, Germany: daniel.beimborn at uni-bamberg.de<mailto:daniel.beimborn at uni-bamberg.de>
Rui Manuel Dinis, Universidade do Minho, Portugal: rds at dsi.uminho.pt<mailto:rds at dsi.uminho.pt>
Jairo Simião Dornelas, UFPE, Brazil: jairo at ufpe.br<mailto:jairo at ufpe.br>
11 Impacts of ICT on People, Organizations, and Society
Jyoti Choudrie, Univ. of Hertfordshire, UK, jyoti.choudrie at btopenworld.com<mailto:jyoti.choudrie at btopenworld.com>
Peijian Song, Nanjing University, China: songpeijian at nju.edu.cn<mailto:songpeijian at nju.edu.cn>
Eduardo Henrique Diniz, EAESP/FGV, Brazil: eduardo.diniz at fgv.br<mailto:eduardo.diniz at fgv.br>
12 Strategic IT Management, Governance and Consumerization of IT
Tim McLaren, Ryerson University, Canada: tmclaren at ryerson.ca<mailto:tmclaren at ryerson.ca>
Antonio Carlos G. Maçada, UFRGS, Brazil: acgmacada at ea.ufrgs.br<mailto:acgmacada at ea.ufrgs.br>
Guillermo Rodríguez Abitia, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico: grdrz at unam.mx<mailto:grdrz at unam.mx>
13 Design Thinking in Information Systems Development
Marko Forsell, Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland: marko.forsell at centria.fi<mailto:marko.forsell at centria.fi>
Geoffery Seaver, NDU, USA: seaverg at ndu.edu<mailto:seaverg at ndu.edu>
14 Web 2.0 and Social Networks
Amarolinda Zanella Saccol, UNISINOS, Brazil: amaroklein at gmail.com<mailto:amaroklein at gmail.com>
Mohini Singh, RMIT University, Australia: mohini.singh at rmit.edu.au<mailto:mohini.singh at rmit.edu.au>
15 IS Research Methods
Frantisek Sudzina, Aarhus University, Denmark: fransu at asb.dk<mailto:fransu at asb.dk>
PT Panels and Tutorials
Anatália Saraiva Ramos, UFRN, Brazil, anataliaramos at gmail.com<mailto:anataliaramos at gmail.com>
Lech Janczewski, University of Auckland, New Zealand: lech at auckland.ac.nz<mailto:lech at auckland.ac.nz>

Organizing Committee

Conference Co-Chairs
Manoel Veras, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil: manoel.veras at uol.com.br<mailto:manoel.veras at uol.com.br>
Cesar Alexandre de Souza, University of São Paulo, Brazil: calesou at usp.br<mailto:calesou at usp.br>
Gerald Grant, Carleton University, Canada: gerald_grant at carleton.ca<mailto:gerald_grant at carleton.ca>

Program Co-Chairs
Maria Alexandra Cunha, Catholic University of Paraná, Brazil: alexandra.cunha at pucpr.br<mailto:alexandra.cunha at pucpr.br>
Jairo Gutierrez, AUT University, New Zealand: jairo.gutierrez at aut.ac.nz<mailto:jairo.gutierrez at aut.ac.nz>

Local Organizing Co-Chairs
Luiz Mendes Filho, UNI-RN, Brazil: luiz.mendesfilho at gmail.com<mailto:luiz.mendesfilho at gmail.com>
Claudio Mendonça, Potiguar University, Brazil: cmarcio at gmail.com<mailto:cmarcio at gmail.com>

Publications and Proceedings Chair
Lech Janczewski , University of Auckland, New Zealand: lech at auckland.ac.nz<mailto:lech at auckland.ac.nz>

International Co-Chairs
Felix B Tan, AUT University, New Zealand: felix.tan at aut.ac.nz<mailto:felix.tan at aut.ac.nz>
Sherif Kamel, American University in Cairo, Egypt: skamel at aucegypt.edu<mailto:skamel at aucegypt.edu>
G. Harindranath, Royal Holloway University of London, UK: G.Harindranath at rhul.ac.uk<mailto:G.Harindranath at rhul.ac.uk>

We look forward to seeing you in sunny Natal, Brazil, in May 2013!!

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