[AISWorld] How to find out whether agile principles are followed up or not

Ilia Bider ilia at ibissoft.se
Sun Dec 2 03:24:59 EST 2012

Dear colleagues,

A group of students of mine are starting a project with the goal of 
investigating "Knowledge transformation/management in the agile software 
development". The project includes field/case studies of the agile 
development teams.

The first problem to solve in the project is how to choose the right 
teams, i.e. how to differentiate the teams that are really agile from 
those who just state/believe that they are agile. As agile became a 
buzz/fashion word, we think that there should be plenty of teams of the 
second class :-).

We do not suppose that there are ready made methods to make such a 
differentiation, and will be working on a questionnaire based on the 
agile manifesto http://agilemanifesto.org/. However, if somebody knows 
any work, even if it is just MS/BS thesis, devoted to this particular 
task, I and my students would appreciate getting references to such 
works very much.

The study itself concern knowledge management in the agile development 
process. If you can point out any literature related to this topic, we 
would appreciate it as well. For now the project is planned according to 
the ideas presented at GTSE workshop http://bit.ly/V9750J see slides: 
http://bit.ly/QXjynC and two pages position paper http://bit.ly/PGSfNG.

As usual the summary of responses will be send to the list.

Many thanks and best regards

-- Ilia
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