[AISWorld] Pre-ICIS DIGIT Workshop 2012 - Program Detail

JJ Hsieh jj.poan.hsieh at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 09:27:04 EST 2012

Dear Fellow AIS members:

The 2012 DIGIT Workshop will take place on Sunday, December 16 from 7:30
am-12:00 noon at Salon 11, Orlando World Center
Orlando Florida. Attached please find the workshop schedule and hotel floor

Our annual business meeting will take place right after the conclusion of
the workshop (12:00-12:30) at the same location. The business meeting is
open to all interested parties and is a great opportunity to get to know
the SIGADIT community and discuss issues that can improve the SIG and its

Look forward to seeing you at the workshop and/or the business meeting.


Elizabeth White Baker

Wake Forest University

bakerew at wfu.edu

Workshop Chair

J.J. Po-An Hsieh

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

jj.hsieh at polyu.edu.hk

Program Chair

Heshan Sun

University of Arizona

hsun at email.arizona.edu


Date: December 16, 2012 (Sunday)

Venue: Salon 11, Marriot Convention Center




*Registration, Networking, & Breakfast***




*Paper **P**resentation*

Quang “Neo” Bui, “Dominant Designs for Widespread Adoption? The Case of
Alternative Designs in the Diffusion of Enterprise Architecture.”**


*Panel **S**ession on “e-Services” with Dorothy Leidner, Izak Benbasat, &
Simon James Appleford.*

*(Each member gives a 15-20 minutes talk, **à** 60 minutes in total + Q&A
20 Minutes) *


*Poster **S**ession + Coffee*

1. Juliana Sutanto and Yi Liu, “From Resistance to Acceptance of IS
Implementation: The Dynamics of Overcoming User’s Status Quo Bias.”

2. Vess Johnson, Russell Torres, and Benjamin Imhonde, “Mobile eBook Reader
Adoption: Content Availability and the Influence of Hedonic and Utilitarian

3. Huigang Liang and Yajiong Xue, “An Exploratory Study of Online Health
Information Use by People with Disabilities.”

4. Roderick L. Lee, “Web Disclosure Adoption among Organizations: An
Exploratory Study.”

5. Christian Maier, Sven Laumer, Tim Weitzel, and Andreas Eckhardt, “The
Role of Techno-Stressors and Techno-Exhaustion in Employees’ Daily Work: An
empirical analysis.”

6. Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Ivan Alfaro, and Mary Beth Watson-Manheim,
“Social media adoption in organizations - a large-data jobs based analyses.”

7. Julia Kroenung, Andreas Eckhardt, and Steffen Bernius, “Planned Behavior
versus Goal-directed Automaticity – The Impact of Attitude and General
Habit on Adoption and Non-adoption.”


*Roundtable **S**ession*

1. Jeremy D. Ezell and Terry Byrd, “Organizational Learning Processes as
Antecedents of Innovation Mindfulness.”

2. Isabel Jung and Hanna Krasnova, “Exploring Satisfaction with the “Deal”
- The Merchants’ Perspective.”

3. Vanesa Tennant, Annette Mills, and Wynne W. Chin, “Understanding Change
in Post-Adoption IS Use:
A Perspective from Lewin’s Model of Change.”

4. Jun Sun, “System Capabilities and User Readiness: An Activity Perspective

5. Ning Nan, Robert Zmud, and Emre Yetgin, “Agent-based Modeling of
Innovation Diffusion: Theory and Simulation Results.”**


*Roundtable **C**hairs’ **P**resentation*


*Award Presentation & Concluding Remarks  [Including the Lifetime
Achievement Award to Detmar Straub]*


*SIGADIT Business meeting*
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