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Dan J. Kim danjongkim at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 14:51:10 EST 2012

The University of North Texas (UNT) has received a National Science
Foundation (NSF) award for CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service (SFS) to
provide scholarships, including stipends, tuition, health insurance, travel
and textbooks, to enable US citizens to pursue a PhD degree in information
assurance (IA) on a full-time basis. The University of North Texas
Interdisciplinary Information Assurance PhD Program responds to the varied
and changing needs of an information age. This program's graduates will be
prepared to contribute to the advancement and evolution of the information
society in a variety of roles and settings as scientists, educators,
administrators, and information security architects.  

We are looking for high-quality SFS students. The selected students receive
a $30K/nine-months stipend. As summer research/interns, students will
receive a salary from their host organization for three months (salary
varies based on the host organization). SFS students receive tuition
scholarships of $8.1K/year. In addition, students will be supported $4K/year
for the travel, $1.2K/year for books, and $1.5K/year for health insurance. 

If you have any current or recent Master's graduates who are looking to
start a PhD degree in Information Systems or closely related field, we would
be grateful if you could pass this information to them. If you have
questions, would like further information, or would like to recommend
students for UNT's PhD programs, please contact any of us: Dan J. Kim
(Dan.Kim at unt.edu), John Windsor (John.Windsor at unt.edu), or Andy Wu
(Andy.Wu at unt.edu). 


Dan J. Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Information Technology & Decision Sciences

University of North Texas

1155 Union Circle #305249

Denton, TX 76203-5249


E-mail: Dan.Kim at unt.edu

Phone: (940) 369-8942

Fax: (940) 565-3803

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