[AISWorld] AMCIS 2013 Mini-track: Electronic Medical Records in Ambulatory Care and Smaller Healthcare Practices

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CALL FOR PAPERS: 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Chicago, Illinois, August 15-17, 2013

Track: Health Information Systems/Technology

Mini-track: Electronic Medical Records in Ambulatory Care and Smaller Healthcare Practices

Mini-track Co-chairs

Dr. C. Ranganathan
Department of Information & Decision Sciences
College of Business Administration
University of Illinois at Chicago
Email: ranga at uic.edu<mailto:ranga at uic.edu>

Dr. Balaji Sankaranarayanan

Department of Information and Process Management

Bentley University

Waltham, MA 02452, USA

E-mail: bsankara at bentley.edu<mailto:bsankara at bentley.edu>

Dr. Gary David, Chair

Department of Sociology

Bentley University

Waltham, MA 02452, USA

E-mail: gdavid at bentley.edu<mailto:gdavid at bentley.edu>


Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are a critical component of the American health-care system, supporting doctor-patient interactions by providing instant access to a variety of documents such as historical record of past treatments and conditions, patient billing, disputes and legal inquiries. Compared to larger hospital settings employing EMRs, smaller ambulatory practices employ fewer physicians and face distinct challenges including resource constraints, technological bottlenecks and organizational challenges. Notably, vendors have many EMR offerings for smaller practices; however implementing these solutions have been fraught with serious challenges. Smaller ambulatory practices also face the serious challenge of qualifying for government grants based on their meaningful use. These differences highlight the need for in-depth examination of EMR in ambulatory and smaller healthcare practices.
The focus of this mini-track is on research on EMRs in ambulatory care and smaller healthcare practices that furthers our understanding of (1) systems, processes and strategies for implementing EMR (2) Electronic exchange of healthcare information among different stakeholders, (3) Integration of mobile devices and medical devices with healthcare systems 3) security and privacy issue associated with EMR in smaller healthcare organizations.
The mini-track is open to broad survey articles, case studies, conceptual papers, descriptive reports, focused research issues analyzed using a variety of tools and empirical methodologies including, but not limited to survey, experimental design, workflow and other forms of business process modeling, interviews, content analysis, and various qualitative approaches. You are welcome to submit work that is not fully completed as long as the importance of the problem is established, paper is well articulated and fits with the themes of the research track. However, completed research will receive precedence.
Suggested Topics
The topics that characterize this mini-track are:
*         EMR systems in ambulatory settings and smaller healthcare practices
*         Value proposition of EMR systems in smaller healthcare practices
*         Interconnectivity and information sharing between EMR systems in ambulatory settings and hospitals
*         Improvement in healthcare process through EMR systems in smaller practices
*         Implementing electronic prescribing and practice management systems by small and mid-sized healthcare providers
*         Work flow redesign in small healthcare practices
*         Achieving meaningful use by small and mid-sized providers
*         Health Information Exchanges
*         Challenges and issues of sharing electronic health information among different stakeholders
*         Enhancing security and privacy in electronic exchange of healthcare information
*         Integration of Medical Devices (such as Vital signs monitor, EKG and ECG machines etc.) with EMR systems
*         Mobile devices (smart phones, tablet PCs, iPads etc.) and EMRs
*         Mobile personal health records

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