[AISWorld] Call for Papers: HICSS 2014 - Minitrack "Decision Making in Production Processes"

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Forty-Seventh Annual Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences 

January 6 - 9, 2014 (Monday-Thursday) 

Hilton Waikoloa, Big Island (http://www.hiltonwaikoloavillage.com)



Today, manufacturing industries are facing massive challenges, e. g. 
changing market conditions, individual customer preferences, international 
competitions, etc. They depend on innovation in their internal production 
processes, new strategies and technologies. This minitrack sets its focus 
in typical problems of manufacturing industries.  Researchers and 
practitioners will explore and discuss potential approaches and effective 
solutions.  In order to successfully compete in markets, it is essential 
that we conduct efficient analysis of production processes, select 
appropriate technical solutions, develop new approaches to timely solve 
special requirements. The objective of this minitrack is to explore 
suitable solutions or paradigms to design, implement and deploy 
intelligent systems, and/or adapt them to given contexts. We want to 
discuss the transferability of general concepts to shop floor level in the 
perspective of research and practice. Papers should illustrate the 
application of decision-making approaches in manufacturing or service 

The focus of the minitrack includes but is not limited to the following 
Combination of central and decentral planning approaches
Shop floor optimization by decentralized production control
Use of autonomous production control
Realization of decentralized production control
Reduction of complexity by decentralized decision making
Standardization of factory object communication
Benefits of autonomous production systems
Escalation mechanisms in autonomous production planning and control • 
Smart intelligent objects
Big data analysis and shop floor analytics 
Life span decision making
Decision problems in batch production

Important 2013 Deadlines for Authors: 
From now to June 1 [Optional]: Prepare Abstracts. Then, contact Minitrack 
Chairs for guidance and indication of appropriate content.
June 15: Submit full manuscripts for review as instructed. The review is 
double-blind; therefore, this initial submission must be without author 
Aug 15: Review System emails Acceptance Notices to authors. It is very 
important that at least one author of each accepted paper attend the 
conference. Therefore, all travel guarantees – including visa or your 
organization's fiscal funding procedures – should begin immediately. Make 
sure your server accepts the review system address 
Sept 15: SUBMIT FINAL PAPER. Add author names to your paper, and submit 
your Final Paper for Publication to the site provided in your Acceptance 
Notice.  (This URL is not public knowledge.) 
Oct 1: Early Registration fee deadline. At least one author of each paper 
should register by this date in order secure publication in the 
Proceedings. Fees will increase on Oct 2 and Dec 2. 
Oct 15: Papers without at least one paid-in-full registered author may be 
deleted from the Proceedings and not scheduled for presentation; authors 
will be so notified by the Conference Office. 

How to Submit a Paper: 
Follow Author Instructions to be posted by February 1, 2013 on the 
conference web site. http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/hicss_47/apahome47.htm
HICSS papers must contain original material. They may not have been 
previously published, nor currently submitted elsewhere. All submissions 
undergo a double-blind peer review process; so initial submission must be 
without author names.
Abstracts are optional, but strongly recommended. You may contact the 
Minitrack Chair(s) for guidance or verification of content.
Submit a paper to only one Minitrack. If a paper is submitted to more than 
one minitrack, then either paper may be rejected by either minitrack 
without consultation with author or other chairs. If you are not sure of 
the appropriate Minitrack, submit an abstract to the Track Chair(s) – see 
names and contact information below. for determination, and/or seek 
informal opinion(s) of Minitrack Chair(s) before submitting.
Do not author or co-author more than 5 papers. This means that an 
individual may be listed as author or co-author on no more than 5 
submitted papers. Track Chairs must approve any names added after 
submission or acceptance on August 15.

Additional details may be found on HICSS primary website 
http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu or on http://lswi.de

A pdf-version can be found here.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Gronau (primary contact)
University of Potsdam
Chair for Business Information Systems and Electronic Government 
August-Bebel-Str. 89
14482 Potsdam
Tel: +49 (0)331 - 977 3379
Fax: +49 (0)331 - 977 3406
Email: norbert.gronau at wi.uni-potsdam.de

Prof. Helen Zong, Ph.D., P.E.
Industrial Engineering Department
California State University, East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542-3085
Phone: +1-510-885-4482
Fax: +1-510-885-2678
E-mail: helen.zong at csueastbay.edu

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