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Dear Colleagues

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Oxford Retail Futures Conference
Big Data, Business Intelligence and real-time analytics in retail
9th-10th December, 2013, Saïd Business School, University Oxford
Retail is one of the first sectors to have employed large datasets at strategic and operational levels for a variety of purposes, such as marketing, store location, product selection, and customer profiling. However, the latest advances in Business Intelligence, the concepts of Big Data and Open Data, are creating new opportunities and challenges for the retail sector.
The amount of data, generated by internet users, mobile devices, sensors, organisational and integrative IT systems is at a level that is unsurpassed in history. A high volume of data, in a variety of formats, can be relatively easily captured and stored, at the same time as the cost of processing is decreasing.
However, the challenge lays in how the real business value of such data can be realised and how such findings can be utilised by organisations at the strategic and operational level. This is the main focus of this Oxford Retail Futures conference.
Topic Selection
In this call for papers, we would like to capture the current state of the art in areas related to Big Data, Business Intelligence and real-time analytics in the retail sector. These may include theoretical and conceptual work, as well as examples from practice.
The call is focused, non-exclusively, on the following topics (applied in the retail context, both at the store-end and in the extended retail value chain):

•         Big Data

•         Open Data

•         Business Intelligence (BI)

•         Loyalty cards data

•         Data open competitions

•         Business Analytics

•         Data driven innovation

•         Customer-related analytics and segmentation

•         Demand forecasting and production planning

•         Big Data and Customer Relationships Management

•         Security and privacy in Big Data and BI

•         Data visualisation

•         Big Data: benefits and challenges

•         Real-time business analytics

•         Decision support

•         Omni-channel data analytics

•         Data capture

•         Cloud based Business Intelligence

•         Analytics as a service

•         Regulatory environment

•         Business value of the data

•         Data for supply chain management and integration

•         Big Data and strategic decision making

•         Data integration

•         Exploring social media

•         Mobile devices and analytics

•         Executive Information Systems

•         Data driven marketing

•         Regional and state-of the art studies
Papers submitted will be peer-reviewed.

  *   1st of October – paper submission
  *   1st of November – notification of paper acceptance
  *   1st of December – submission of camera-ready papers
Members of the Conference Academic Board

  *   Dr Richard Cuthbertson, OXIRM, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK
  *   Dr Ger O'Keeffe, Intel, Retail Digital Signage Segment, Ireland
  *   Dr Wojciech Piotrowicz, OXIRM, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK
Contact Details
The conference is being organised by the Oxford Institute of Retail Management<http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/centres/oxirm/Pages/Contactus.aspx>, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

For academic-related enquiries, please contact Dr Wojciech Piotrowicz at: Wojciech.Piotrowicz at sbs.ox.ac.uk<mailto:Wojciech.Piotrowicz at sbs.ox.ac.uk>

For conference logistics, please contact Susan Barrington at:

Susan.Barrington at sbs.ox.ac.uk<mailto:Chris.brooke-hollidge at sbs.ox.ac.uk>

Could you please forward this call, we are also welcoming papers written by PhD students.

Best Regards


Wojciech Piotrowicz, PhD

MA (Economics), PGDipLATHE

Research Fellow

Tutor in Technology and Operations Management

Oxford Institute of Retail Management - OXIRM

Wolfson College (MCR)

Fellow of Higher Education Academy

University of Oxford
Saïd Business School

Phone: +44 1865 288 415

Selected papers: http://oxford.academia.edu/WojciechPiotrowicz/Papers
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