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*CONFERENCE THEME: Empowering Citizens and Communities through 
Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management*

*Conference Dates:May 18-21 2014*

*Penn State University**, USA***

www.iscram2014.org <http://www.iscram2014.org/>

  TRACK: Social Media in Crisis Response and Management

Introduction to the track

The convergence of information and communication technologies, the 
growth of the Internet including the mobile Internet, and the advent of 
technologies known under the general heading of Web 2.0 have all 
contributed to our ability to collaborate over great distances, both 
synchronously and asynchronously.Our overall aim in this track is to 
explore how the use of Social Media can help in crisis management and 
response.Of particular interest, given the theme of this conference, is 
how Social Media enable citizens and communities to participate and 
collaborate in all stages of a disaster.

*Topics: (non-exhaustive list)*

Papers are invited that provide rich description and/or evaluation of 
the actual use of Social Media for collaboration and/or widespread 
participation in any phase of crisis management, from initial planning 
and preparedness, through detection, response, and recovery phases.This 
might include, among others:

  * Studies of the use of social media in crises, either for information
    sharing that can provide useful information for managers, as a pull
    technology, or for dissemination of information to the public as a
    push technology.We particularly seek accounts of innovations in
    design or use of social media that solve potential problems such as
    issues of information overload, assessment of information
    trustworthiness, or ethical issues such as privacy.
  * Studies of virtual teams or virtual communities employing "social
    software" in the design or use of emergency management information
    systems, with data collection methods ranging from laboratory or
    field experiments to qualitative case studies.
  * Studies on improving the collaborative resilience of organizations,
    cities and communities by means of social media. This particularly
    includes collaborative and/or participatory development and
    improvement of IT infrastructures for crisis management and disaster
  * Issues and techniques for mining and analyzing Social Media data.
  * Practitioner case studies of issues and benefits of use of Social
    Media by agencies or NGOs are of great interest to this track.
  * Studies or reports of crowdsourcing and other new practices such as
    the use of "digital volunteers" that engage the public and connect

*To Submit a paper or panel proposal*

See the general call for papers on the conference website. Note that 
this year, there are two categories of papers (research papers and 
insights papers) as well as two lengths (short and long).

Use the templates that will be provided on the web site. Upload to the 
most appropriate track on the conference Conftool platform, to be 
available in August

If you have questions about whether the paper fits in a particular 
track, send the title and abstract to the corresponding track chair, 
along with any questions.

*Track Chair and Co-Chairs:*

Linda Plotnick  (Corresponding Chair)

lplotnick at jsu.edu

JacksonvilleState University

Roxanne Hiltz//

Roxanne.hiltz at gmail.com

NJIT (Distinguished Professor Emerita)

Volkmar Pipek

volkmar.pipek at uni-siegen.de

University of Siegen

Kate Starbird

kstarbi at uw.edu <mailto:kstarbi at uw.edu>

Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE)

Universityof Washington

Amanda Hughes

hughesal at colorado.edu <mailto:hughesal at colorado.edu>

UtahState University//

*Important Dates*

  * Deadline for full paper submissions and panel proposals -- Nov. 15th
    (decision by January 6th)
  * Deadline short papers - January 13th (decision by Feb. 10)
  * FINAL camera-ready papers ---February 7 for long papers, February 24
    short papers
  * Final decisions made by program and scientific committee, and
    authors notified by March 15
  * At least one author must be registered for the conference by April 1. .

The meeting:

Saturday, May 17th, 2014: Arrival for pre-conference attendees.

Sunday,May18:Doctoral Consortium, Tutorials and Workshop, Beer evening

Monday, May 19, 2014: Opening Day of Conference.

Tuesday, May 20,)2014: Middle Day of Conference. ISCRAM Association 
Meeting. Conference Banquet.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 through about 5 pm: Last Day of Conference.

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