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16th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI 2014) - Call for Workshops

== Business Informatics ==
Business Informatics is the scientific discipline targeting information
processes and related phenomena in their socio-economical business context,
including companies, organizations, administrations and society in general.
Business Informatics is a fertile ground for research with the potential
for immense and tangible impact. As a field of study, it endeavors to take
a systematic and analytic approach in aligning core concepts from
management science, organisational science, economics information science,
and informatics into an integrated engineering science.

The field of Business Informatics involves a broad spectrum of more
specific research domains that focus on important aspect of informatics in
the context of organizations, ecosystems and society at large. These
domains include:
Business Model Innovation, Business Process Engineering, Empowering &
Enabling Technologies, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Engineering,
Enterprise Modelling, Enterprise & Business Transformation, Method
Engineering, Service Innovation & Engineering, Social & Frontier
Some domains take technology as a starting point and position them as
enabler/driver of socio-economic activities, while some domains do the
reverse. Key is, however, bridging between information technological
aspects and their socio-economical context.

== Goal of the IEEE CBI conference series ==
The goal of the CBI series of conferences is to bring together existing
Business Informatics related research domains and stimulate discussion,
synergy and integration of their respective research results and
activities. Accordingly, the CBI conferences use a format that enables an
in depth discussions among researchers in their respective domains during
the conference.

== Call for Workshop Proposals ==
The organising committee of the 16th IEEE Conference on Business
Informatics (CBI 2014) invites proposals for workshops to be held in
conjunction with the conference. The overall purpose of a workshop is to
provide participants with the opportunity to present and discuss novel
research ideas on areas relevant to business informatics

CBI 2014 workshops provide organizers and participants with an opportunity
to focus intensively on a specific topic related to the conference scope.
Often, workshops concentrate on an emerging topic of technical interest,
unique area of application for enterprise computing, or a community-wide
issue that deserves specialized attention.

Workshops should address topics that satisfy the following criteria:
* The topic falls in the general scope of CBI 2014 (
* There is a sufficiently large audience interested in the topic
* Limited overlap with existing workshops co-located with CBI

Successful workshops are required to organise their own reviewing process
and website, as well as co-ordinate the collection and delivery of camera
ready material and copyright transfer, in line with their choice for

== Important Dates ==
* Workshop Proposals: December 8, 2013
* Workshop Proposal Notification: January 3, 2014

== Proposal Details ==
Workshop proposals should provide sufficient information to evaluate the
quality and importance of the topic, the goals of the workshop, and the
size of the interested community.
Organizers are encouraged to focus on mechanisms other than traditional
paper presentations and to differentiate themselves clearly from typical
conference sessions.
Proposals should be not more than 4 pages in length, should be in text or
PDF format. It should contain the following information:
* A title of the workshop
* Name, affiliation, postal address and email of contact person
* Names and affiliations of organisers, chairs, etc
* Aims, goals and scope
* Topical relation to CBI conference
* A 150 word abstract
* Description of the proposed workshop
* Estimated duration of the workshop (half day, full day etc.)
* Format of the workshop. How will the workshop sessions be scheduled?
* Track record/history of the workshop (when applicable)
* Long term desire/plan of the workshop of continued co-location with the
CBI conference
* Desired form or proceedings (own proceedings, general CBI workshop
proceedings with CBI, etc
* Desire to receive redirected papers from the main conference
* Deadlines (only when the workshops aims to use its own independent
proceedings, otherwise the dates of the main conference apply)

Workshop proposals should be submitted via email to the workshop chair.

== Workshop Chair ==
Sybren de Kinderen (sybren.dekinderen at uni.lu)

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| Prof.dr. Henderik A. Proper
| Enterprise Engineering Team
| Public Research Centre - Henri Tudor
| Luxembourg
| e: erik.proper at tudor.lu
| w: www.ee-team.eu
| p: +352-661425916   (lu)
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