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*Information and Management*

Special issue on* Social Media Analytics*

*Guest Editors*:


   Weiguo (Patrick) Fan (Virginia Tech, USA), wfan at vt.edu

   Xiangbin Yan (Harbin Institute of Technology, China), xbyan at hit.edu.cn

*Call for papers*

Online social platforms e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Weibo, discussion
forums have developed into a virtual world where users and firms share
content related to their real lives, works, and various facets of the real
world. The explosion of social media usage has resulted in massive user
generated contents (UGCs), including  media contents, user information and
their interactions on social networks, geo-locations, and many other
metadata. These UGCs have created numerous new research opportunities and

Social media analytics is concerned with developing and evaluating
informatics tools and frameworks to collect, monitor, analyze, summarize,
and visualize social media data to facilitate conversations and
interactions to extract useful patterns and intelligence (Zeng et al. 2010).
Social media analytics generally involve three stage processes: capture,
understand, and present (Fan and Gordon, 2014). Recently, more and more
research efforts have been dedicated to key issues therein, such as
analytics and learning techniques for understanding social media, social
media analytics tools and systems, knowledge mining from social media, as
well as social network modeling, etc.

This special issue seeks contributions reporting novel solutions, models,
theories, or systems regarding social media analytics. Topics of interest
include but are not limited to:


   Understanding social content and dynamics

   Understanding firm usage of social media

   Efficient learning algorithms for scalable social media analytics

   Social network modeling using social media data

   Machine learning and data mining for social media

   User interests and behavior modeling in social media

   Tagging, semantic annotation, object and event recognition on
   large-scale social media collections

   Novel data processing to remove noise and extract useful signals

   Effective search mechanism  in large-scale social media collections

   Novel business applications and value discovery using social media

*All submissions are required to be done via I&M online submission systems.

Author guidelines are available from
Please indicate in your cover letter that this is a special issue
submission on social media analytics.  All submissions will go through an
initial screening by guest editors. Only quality submissions will go
through the review process.

*Key Dates:*

Online system open for submission:        July 1st to Sept 1st, 2014

First submission paper due:                     Sept 1st, 2014

First round decision made:                       Dec. 1st, 2014

Revised manuscript due:                         March 1st, 2015

Final decision made:                                May 1st, 2015

Final paper due:                                       July 1st, 2015

*Key references:*

*Overview of SMA*


   D. Zeng, H. Chen, R. Lusch, & S-H Li, "Social media analytics and
   intelligence", IEEE Intelligent Systems, 25(6), 2010.

   W. Fan, M. D. Gordon, "Unveiling the power of social media analytics",
   Communications of ACM, forthcoming, 2014. Preprint available at

*Applications of SMA*


   A. S. Abrahams, J. Jiao, W. Fan, G. A. Wang, Z. Zhang, "What is buzzing
   in the blizzard of buzz: automotive component isolation in social media
   postings", *Decision Support Systems*, 55(4), 871-882, 2013.

   G. A. Wang, J. Jiao, A. S. Abrahams, W. Fan, Z. Zhang, "ExpertRank: A
   topic-aware expert finding algorithm for online knowledge
communities", *Decision
   Support Systems*, 54(3), 1442-1451, 2013.

   A. S. Abrahams, J. Jiao, G. A. Wang, W. Fan, "Vehicle defect discovery
   from social media", Decision Support Systems, 54(1): 87-97, 2012.

*About Information and Management*

Information & Management is a premier journal in information systems area.
It serves researchers in the information systems field and managers,
professionals, administrators and senior executives of organizations which
design, implement and manage Information Systems Applications.

The major aims are:

• To collect and disseminate information on new and advanced developments
in the field of information systems;

• To provide material for training and education in information systems;

• To encourage further progress in information systems methodology and

• To cover the range of information system development and usage in their
use of managerial policies, strategies, and activities for business, public
administration, and international organizations.

*5-year impact factor 3.178*

More information about the journal can be found at


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