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*SIGITProjMgmt Minitrack*

*Conference Timeline and Venue:*
August 7-10, 2014, AMCIS 2014 Savannah, Georgia


January 5, 2014 - Manuscript submissions open
March 1, 2014 - Final day for manuscript submissions

*April 4, 2014* - Author notification

Your submissions are welcomed at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/amcis2014


Public projects are important to nation building however they have
continued to receive relatively limited attention in the project management
domain. Public projects are any temporary initiatives where the citizens of
the country are the primary stakeholders and customers. These primarily
include government and NGOs activities aimed at improving the economic
and/or social conditions of the public. These public projects have varied
characteristics in terms of source of funding and ownership, economic,
political and social motives, size and complexity and occur across the
spectrum of development of an economy, i.e. developing to developed
countries. They however converge on their likelihood to have significant
impact on the growth, competitiveness and development of the economy across
socio-economic, political and legal dimensions. An analysis of the
environment sees that these projects are fraught with their own challenges
with far-reaching impact, for example the recent Patient Protection
and Affordable Care Act in the USA, Philippine's Anti-cybercrime Act or the
Athens Olympic Games and subsequent financial crisis in Greece.  They
therefore require careful attention, customized strategies and solutions to
manage their performance throughout the project life cycle. Insights into
contemporary methodologies, strategies, techniques to enable successful
performance, evaluation and management of these projects are therefore

The purpose of this mini-track is to engage in academic conversation across
economies to share project strategies, knowledge through lessons learned,
best practices and techniques, issues and challenges in the management of
these projects. Submissions on or relevant to public projects are welcomed.
 Insights and perspectives from developing, emerging and developed
economies are particularly encouraged to facilitate comparative analysis
and vibrant discourse of the topic.

Suggested (non-exclusive) topics relating to or on public projects:

·        Stakeholder engagement and management
·         Issues and challenges in managing large-scale government/public
·         The political side of managing projects
·         Public infrastructure projects (e.g. road, rail, hospital,
·         Military Projects
·         National security projects including cybersecurity
·         Performance evaluation of public projects
·         Disaster Recovery Management projects including Early Warning
·         Project analytics
·         Project Success criteria of public projects
·         Critical Success Factors of public projects
·         Project selection in public projects
·         Experiences and lessons from developing, emerging and advanced

For queries relating to this mini-track contact Corlane Barclay at
clbarclay at gmail.com.

*Mini-Track Chair Information:*

*Corlane Barclay*

University of Technology, Jamaica

clbarclay at gmail.com

To submit a paper, please follow the directions at



*Corlane Barclay, Ph.D. (IS), LLB, PMP*
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