[AISWorld] Wikileaks claims AMCIS reviewing system hacked

Richard Watson rickwatson at mac.com
Mon Feb 3 19:06:07 EST 2014

Dear colleagues

Wikileaks claims to have details of some early submissions to AMCIS 2014 in Savannah. We can’t verify the leak, but it does suggest that AMCIS is attracting some great papers. 

A few of the early submissions revealed include:

Obama, B., “Building a resilient and reliable healthcare web site”
Boehner, J., “Using a group support system with a highly dysfunctional team”
Merkle, A., “Principles of a secure national leadership communication system”
Kim, J-U,, “System development executions”

Join the international crowd at AMCIS 2014. Submit your paper soon.


Tom Case,
Eph McLean
Rick Watson

Co-Chairs of AMCIS 2014

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