[AISWorld] AMCIS 2014 Minitrack Call for Papers: Social Media, Social Action, and Politics

Rozan Maghrabi romaghra at uncg.edu
Sun Feb 9 16:18:29 EST 2014

*Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 2014*

*Minitrack: **Social Media, Social Action, and Politics*

Savannah, Georgia

August 7-10, 2014

Minitrack Chairs:
Rozan O. Maghrabi, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
A. F.  Salam,  The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
Mike Gallivan, Georgia State University, USA

*"The power of social media ... transforming the political process in such a
way that I can't see any chances for the traditional, formal institutions
of our democratic systems to keep up with." President of Iceland Mr.
Grimsson, during his interview with the CNN in 2011  *

The increasing impact of social media on social and organizational issues
and politics over the past few decades has changed how social media is
viewed and used. The power of the online social tools in promoting,
facilitating, and developing political participation and social action
across the globe highlights the connection between technology diffusion and
digital media use and political change. Social media is also having a major
impact on business, sparking a revolution in the customer experience as
well as behaviour, and influencing transformation in organizations. With
the recognition of the powerful role of social media in these contexts, the
objective of Social Media, Social Action, and Politics minitrack is to
provide a forum for discussions and presentation of original research that
critically examines the constitution of ICTs and their roles in
organizations and societies. We believe that IS scholars are uniquely
positioned to investigate the larger role of Information Systems and
Technologies in our social and political systems both for the benefit of
business organizations as well as for the larger society.  The minitrack
welcomes conceptual, theoretical, and empirical works that explore the
relationship between social media and organizational, social, and political
change and highlight the convergence of technological and social spheres
and the complex and contingent social-technical interactions to generate
unanticipated organizational, social, and political effects.  Topics for
this minitack include but are not limited to the following:

·         The association between social systems and ICT innovative uses

·         The impact of ICT on social life and change

·         Information Systems and social awareness, entrepreneurship, and

·         Information systems and online activism and social movements (i.e
online women right movement)

·         Management and organizational behavior of ICT-enabled social

·         Social, political, and economic implications of e-politics

·         Communication and Collaboration enabled or constrained by ICT

·         Unintended consequences of ICT use in organizations and social

·         The impact of IS on political processes, strategies, and policies

·         The development and implementation of e-politics and e-democracy

·         Frameworks/models and Case studies for successful e-politics

·         Social media and youth protest behavior

·         Information Systems and the change in the power game

·         Electronic Authoritarianism

·         ICT-enabled communities and the governmental regulatory or
organizational goal oriented practices

·         Cross country comparisons of e-politics practices

·         Emerging community-related business models

·         Firm level challenges and economic implications of citizen
ICT-enabled social and political power

·         Organizational implications of user-generated content and
customer collaboration

All submissions are to be made via the AMCIS 2014 submission system at
ManuscriptCentral <http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/amcis2014>. When
submitting online, select 1. track " Social-Technical Issues and Social
Inclusion" and then 2. minitrack " Social Media, Social Action, and Politics",
as well as a paper type (completed research paper, research-in-progress
paper, or panel proposal).

The submission deadline is March 1, 2014. No submissions will be accepted
after midnight, Savannah (EST) time, March 1, 2014. Authors will be
notified as to whether their submission was accepted, conditionally
accepted, or rejected by April 4, 2014.
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