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20th Americas Conference on Information Systems

Savannah, Georgia, August 07-10, 2014

Track: Enterprise systems (SIGEntSys)

Minitrack: Cloud Operations and Very Large Business Applications (VLBA)

Instructions for authors at: AMCIS website(http://amcis2014.aisnet.org/)



Emerging technologies like mash-ups, web 2.0 and cloud computing on the one
side and the increasing agility of business models on the other side raises
the question how Enterprise Systems will look like in the future.
Therefore, we see a new class of Enterprise Systems which address the need
for more agility in the entire value chain with a loosely coupled system of
distinct elements, orchestrated to a highly integrated, complex Information
System (Very Large Business Applications, VLBA).

VLBA act as enabler for intra- and interorganisational business processes
and play a significant role in the development of new business models. This
Mini-Track aims at studying, grounding, and finally exploiting the
potential of VLBA to solve integration and coordination problems in
distributed business processes as a key enabler of flexible boundaryless
information systems.

Key research questions are:

-    how to represent VLBA in service-based information systems by
employing and adapting constructs, models, and methods of different
information systems technology stacks,

-    how to coordinate software services by employing and adapting
approaches for service discovery and composition,

-    how to operate large-scale, highly distributed enterprise systems
aligned with the needs of an agile business environment,

-    how to negotiate and agree upon the delivery of software-based
services (SLA),

-    how to control the delivery of software-based services in VLBA by
measuring efficiency and effectiveness?

This minitrack is continuing the successful start of the scientific discuss
on the topic of VLBA in an international perspective from AMCIS 2012 and
AMCIS 2013.


Topics relevant for this mini-track include, but are not limited to, the

-    Cloud Computing and VLBA

-    VLBA Operations Management

-    Strategic, tactic and operative Systems Landscape Engineering

-    VLBA Business Simulations

-    VLBA Business Models

-    Analytical Business Process Engineering for VLBA

-    VLBA and Knowledge Management

-    VLBA security issues

-    Innovative VLBA Applications

We invite contributions from different disciplines including information
systems, information management, computer and management science to
properly cover all facets of Very Large Business Applications. We encourage
papers applying quantitative and qualitative, empirical and theoretical
research methodologies such as case studies, action research, surveys,
experiments, and design science.

All submissions are to be made via the AMCIS 2014 submission system at
ScholarOne's ManuscriptCentral <http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/amcis2014>.
The submission deadline is March 1, 2014. No submissions will be accepted after
midnight, Savannah (EST) time, March 1, 2014. Authors will be notified as
to whether their submission was accepted, conditionally accepted, or
rejected by April 4, 2014. Instructions for authors and further information
about the conference is on the conference website at


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