[AISWorld] Final Call for Proposals for the Student Bazaar of the Bled eConference

Johan Versendaal johan.versendaal at hu.nl
Wed Mar 19 05:36:08 EDT 2014

The ePrototype Bazaar of the Bled Conference is a vehicle for master and honors students to experience the atmosphere of a conference, and to display their work for an international audience.
INTRODUCTION AND THEME: There’s an app for that! Apps for mobile devices and laptops are booming. In nearly all sectors and industries, apps are being developed to support location-based services, personalized information delivery, mobility monitoring functions et cetera. While app stores nearly explode by its supply and offers, solid research on the added value and use of apps is lacking. Parallel to what is seen in other sectors that suffer from information overload and complexity in consumer choice, different media provide app reviews and app comparison tools. These are intriguing and challenging developments where researchers (in training) can contribute to. The theme of this year’s Bled Students Bazaar is therefore dedicated (yet not limited) to apps for mobile devices and laptops – in particular to apps that concern the health and environment of individuals. Think of apps that help patients to cope with their medication intake, that help them stop smoking, that warn them if air pollution is endangering their allergy. Think of apps that support house owners to track their energy usage, show individuals their ecological footprint, help people to locally provide social support for those in need. The possibilities to put in ‘apps for a better and healthier world’ seem endless. But what does work? How can we determine whether an app is effective? These are the key questions of this call for proposals.
THE CALL: We call master and honors students in information, computer, organization, health and environmental sciences, from all countries, to write a proposal in which is thoroughly described (max. 2000 words):
(1) the basic idea of the app that (will) support(s) or improve(s) the health and/or environment of individual consumers;
(2) what environmental or health problem it (will) tackle(s);
(3) what makes it different from other apps in this domain;
(4) a determination or estimation of the value of the app;
(5) what the technology and content sources are behind the app;
(6) what the business model is of the app;
(7) the demonstration of the already available app, or a prototype of the proposed app.
In a submission an existing app can be valued, or a new app may be designed and valued.
SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Deadline for delivery of the proposal is March 31, 2014, sending a Word- or PDF-document to: r.s.batenburg at uu.nl and johan.versendaal at hu.nl. After reviewing your proposal, we either:
(1) invite you to prepare for an oral & poster presentation during the Students Bazaar Meeting at the 2014 Bled Conference;
(2) invite you to prepare for a poster-only presentation during the Students Bazaar Meeting at the 2014 Bled Conference;
(3) invite you to visit the 2014 Bled Conference: i.e. we unfortunately need to reject your proposal due to misfit or insufficient quality.
STUDENT RATES: Students attending the Bled Conference will benefit from the special student rates.
Submission: March 31, 2014
Notification: April 14 , 2014
Final submission: May 5, 2014
MORE INFORMATION: www.bledconference.org

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