[AISWorld] Announcing winners of the 2014 AIS Student Chapter Conference and Competitions

Lopes, Alexandre Barsi alopes at indiana.edu
Wed Apr 2 07:32:11 EDT 2014

Congratulations to all teams participating in the final round of the 2014 AIS Student Chapter Conference and Competitions. We are very pleased to announce the competition winners:

1st Place - Brigham Young University - Anna Maksimkina, Brittany Coon, Ian Jones, Zach Ennis
2nd Place - Utah State University - Vishal Patel and Divya Reddy
3rd Place - Bentley University - Mackenzie Segura-Cook, Alina Usmanov, Brendan Colford

1st Place - Temple University - Brittany Hafer, Gabrielle Lopez, Thomas Patterson, Veer Patel
2nd Place - University of Akron - Sean Blasko, Johnny Gless, Mark Mast
3rd Place - Villanova University - Marc Leprince and Tung Ngo

1st Place - Temple University - Horatio Thomas, Ryan Boyce, Tatsuya Emoto, Stephen Lauver
2nd Place - Georgia State University - Nicole Nixon, Joshua Goforth, Jenae Butler
3rd Place - University of North Texas - Andrew Guiloreza, Adam Thiel, Keith Chamberlain, Pavia Cooper

1st Place - Utah State University - Chad Williams, Conner Sorensen, Allan Follett
2nd Place - University of Michigan-Dearborn - Joseph Rushing, Zac Townsend, Jacob DiMaria
3rd Place - University of Alabama at Birmingham - Neeti Thakral and Lila Azerf

Please join us in congratulating these extraordinary students.

Alex Lopes, Indiana University
E. Carey O'Donnell, Temple University
AIS Student Competition Co-Chairs

Alex Lopes
Clinical Associate Professor
Operations & Decision Technologies
Kelley School of Business, 680
alopes at indiana.edu<mailto:alopes at indiana.edu>
[Indiana  University]<http://www.indiana.edu/>

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