[AISWorld] Call for SMART Workshop: PhD applicant deadline April 15, 2014

Param Vir Singh psidhu at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Apr 2 11:25:07 EDT 2014


Structural Modeling Applications of Research on Technology (S.M.A.R.T)

Date: August 17-18, 2014

Venue: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Chairs: Anindya Ghose, Param Vir Singh, Tong Tan

Website:  www.smartconf.org



Deadline for PhD Applicants to submit support letters: April 15, 2014


The deadline for PhD students to submit their support letters for attending
the SMART workshop is fast approaching. We will admit a total of 40 students
only. Each student applicant will have to submit a short letter from her
advisor supporting his/her case for attending the SMART workshop. Letters
could be sent to psidhu at cmu.edu or aghose at stern.nyu.edu

The requirements that a PhD student must satisfy 

(a) must be in second year or later  at the time of attending the workshop, 

(b) should have taken PhD level Econometrics courses which include working
with discrete choice models and coding the estimation procedure (rather than
using Stata or any other pre-packaged econometrics software), 

(c) should have taken a PhD level game theory course, 

(d) should have taken a course that involves stochastic modeling (should be
proficient with probability calculations), 

(e) should be proficient in programming language (preferably Matlab, but R
would also work)


If there are more than two students who apply from one school, we will ask
the school to rank the students. Due to limited slots, we guarantee top 2
will be included, but depending on demand others may or may not be included
in the workshop. A student who has already taken a structural course (and
gets a recommendation from the instructor) or is using structural methods in
his/her research will be given priority.



Workshop Chairs


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