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Geoffrey Hubona ghubona at gmail.com
Wed May 14 17:05:19 EDT 2014

PLS-GUI is developed for the sole purpose of enabling PLS Path Modeling
capabilities which do not exist in any other PLS Path Modeling software
packages. You are welcome to install and use PLS-GUI at no cost and without
restriction. We appreciate the citation if you find it productive in your
research. We also appreciate the report of bugs as it is beta software.

Hi everyone – If you are interested in PLS path modeling, you can download
the latest PLS-GUI version with no cost and with no registration (and
complete anonymity) here:


The latest enhancements were developed by my co-developer Dean Lim. The
PLS-POS function now allows you to specify up to 8 latent, heterogeneous
group segments. And now the MGA function also enables as many pair-wise MGA
difference tests as PLS-POS. Also, Dean enhanced the MGA functionality, the
Super Boostrapper, and the Super Jackknifer to all take advantage of
multiple cores......each now simultaneously process in as many cores as you
have on your machine.......consequently, these functions are much, much
faster than they were before.....which is a very good thing as they were

However, a consequence of this parallel core processing is that the
progress bars for these functions no longer show the "sliding color"
progress, but still show the text progress.

However, they are so much faster you do not have to wait long enough to
require a sliding-color progress bar in most cases.

You are welcome to install and use the software, which runs "on top of" R.
There is no cost for your private installation and use. However, if you
want support, have questions, want me or Dean to respond to your emails,
you need to join the support group here:



Geoff Hubona
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