[AISWorld] CFP - 11th Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS (ITAIS 2014)

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Tue Jun 3 05:26:37 EDT 2014

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Dear Colleagues,

the 11th conference of the Italian chapter of the Association for Information Systems will be held at Department of Economics and Business Studies, University of Genova, Italy (www.economia.unige.it<http://www.economia.unige.it/>) on November 21-22, 2014. The flyer is available at the following link: http://www.itais.org/itais2014/flyer

Submissions will undergo a double blind peer review and a selection of the best papers will be published in a Springer volume indexed on Scopus. We are also arranging agreements for fast access to journals.
Formatting rules and submission guidelines are available on conference website (http://www.itais.org/itais2014).

Deadline for encouraged abstract submission: May 15th, 2014
Deadline for full paper submission: July 15th, 2014
Notification of acceptance: September 15th, 2014
Final paper or poster submission: October 15th, 2014
Conference: November 21st-22nd, 2014

Teresina Torre (U. of Genova)
Cecilia Rossignoli (U. of Verona)

Paola Dameri (U. of Genova)
Alessio Maria Braccini (U. of Tuscia)

Stefano Za (Chair – eCampus U.)
Angelo Gasparre (U. of Genova)
Riccardo Spinelli (U. of Genova)
Beatrice D’Auria (U. of Genova)
Rocco Agrifoglio (U. Parthenope)
Francesca Marzo (U. LUISS)
Francesca Ricciardi (U. Cattolica)


Organizational change and Impact of ICT
Co-Chairs:  F. Bolici (U. Cassino),  M. Magni (Bocconi U., Milano),    F. Virili (U. Sassari)
Accounting Information Systems
Co-Chairs:  D.  Mancini  (U.  Parthenope),  B.  Campedelli  (Verona University), E. Bonson (University of Huelva, Spain)
Information  Systems,  Innovation  Transfer,  and  new  Business Models
Co-Chairs:  T. Abbate (U.  Messina),  F. Cesaroni (U. Carlos III Madrid, ES), P. Gubitta (U. Padova)
Human-computer interaction
Co-Chairs:  L.  Tarantino  (U.  L’Aquila),  G.  Tortora  (U.  Salerno),  G. Vitiello (U. Salerno)
Information and Knowledge Management
Co-Chairs: V. De Antonellis (U.  Brescia),  M. Missikoff (LUSPIO), D. Saccà (U. Calabria)
Design and Re-Design of Socio-Technical Systems
Co-Chairs:   P. Bednar (U. of Portsmouth, UK), L. Caporarello (Bocconi U., Milano), P. Spagnoletti (U. LUISS)
Critical and Criminal Organization: the Dark side of ICT
Co-Chairs:  G.  Mangia  (U.  Federico  II),  M.  Martinez  (Seconda  U. Napoli), A. Stachowicz-Stanusch (Silesian U. of Technology, PL)
Polis and organization: addressing e-Participation issues
Co-Chairs:  F.  De  Cindio  (U.  degli  Studi  di  Milano),  P.  Depaoli  (U. LUISS), T. Federici (U. of Tuscia)
Sociomaterial  interactions:  innovative  perspectives  in  the analysis of organizational related phenomena
Co-Chairs:  A.  Comi  (U.  Reading,  UK),  L.  Giustiniano  (U.  LUISS),  A. Resca (U. LUISS)
e-Services  and  Social  Networks,  Virtual  Organizations  and Smartcities
Co-Chairs: C. Metallo  (U. Parthenope),  L. Mola (U.  Verona), Ø. Sæbø (U. Agder, NO)
IT and Project Management, Skills and Professionalization
Co-Chairs:  P. Di Nauta (U. Foggia), D. Muzio (U. Newcastle, UK)
Organizing  the  IT  infrastructure:  strategic  and  organizational challenges
Co-Chairs:    R. Bonazzi (U. Lausanne, CH),  R. Candiotto (U. Piemonte Orientale), A. Carugati (Aarhus School of Business, DK)
IT-based innovation in Healthcare
Co-Chairs:  C.  Cuccurullo  (Seconda  U.  Napoli),    F.  Iannacci  (U.  of Canterbury, UK), D. Mascia (U. Cattolica Roma)
IS (lost) in the Cloud
Co-Chairs:  B. Di Martino (Seconda U.  Napoli), M. Ficco (Seconda U. Napoli), K. Bagchi (U. of Texas, El Paso, US)

The conference chairs, the programme and track chairs and the organizing committee are looking forward to meeting you in Genova!

The ItAIS2014 conference team

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