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** * * * * * C A L L .F O R. P A P E R S * * * * * *

International Journal of Information Systems and Management
*ISSN (Online): 1751-3235 - ISSN (Print): 1751-3227
Published by Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., Geneva, Switzerland*
*Journal homepage:http://www.inderscience.com/ijisam/
Paper submission:http://www.inderscience.com/login.php

Free sample issue: http://www.inderscience.com/info/inarticletoc.php?jcode=ijisam&year=2014&vol=1&issue=1/2

The IJISAM is a double-blind refereed and authoritative reference
dealing with working and potential information systems theories and
applications as well as emerging issues of interest to professionals and
academics. The objectives of the IJISAM are to develop, promote and
coordinate the development and practice of information systems theories
and methods. It also aims to help professionals, business educators, and
policy-makers to contribute know-how, to disseminate information, and to
learn from each other. The international dimension is emphasized in
order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs
of accelerating technological and organizational changes in the global
community. Emphases will also be on the related social, political and
economic issues as well as emerging issues of interest to professionals
and academics. The journal publishes original and review papers,
technical reports, and case studies. Contribution may be by submission
or invitation, and suggestions for special issues and publications are
welcome. Questions about submissions and inquiries from potential
authors should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Eldon Y.
Li, at<eli at calpoly.edu>.

To submit a paper, please follow the link on the IJISAM homepage at
http://www.inderscience.com/login.php  .

The coverage of IJISAM includes, but is not limited to, the following

     * Agent and intelligent systems
     * Bioinformatics and medical informatics
     * Business value of information technology
     * Collaborative work systems
     * Data mining and knowledge discovery
     * Data warehouse and OLAP
     * Database architectures and applications
     * Decision support systems
     * Electronic commerce and virtual business
     * Emerging information technologies
     * Enterprise information systems
     * Ethics in information systems profession
     * Executive information systems
     * Functional information systems
     * Globalization of information technology
     * Human factors in information systems
     * Impacts of information systems
     * Information systems architectures and infrastructures
     * Information systems for competitive advantage
     * Information systems outsourcing
     * Information systems performance
     * Information systems planning
     * Information systems security
     * Interorganizational systems
     * Knowledge management and organizational learning
     * Knowledge networks
     * Knowledge-based systems architectures
     * Management information systems
     * Management of information resources
     * Ontology
     * Research methods
     * Social informatics
     * Strategic information systems
     * Workflow management systems
     * Other related issues

*Editor in Chief*
Li, Eldon Y., National Chengchi University, Taiwan
(eli at nccu.edu.tw)

*Associate Editors*
Burns, Timothy J., Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA
Choi, Kyungsub S., Rhode Island College, USA

*Advisory Board*
Benbasat, Izak, University of British Columbia, Canada
Bjørn-Andersen, Niels, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Chen, Peter Pin-Shan, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA
Davis, Gordon B., Georgia State University, USA
Ein-Dor, Phillip, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Kraemer, Kenneth L., University of California at Irvine, USA
Land, Frank F., The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
Lucas, Jr., Henry C., University of Maryland, USA
Madnick, Stuart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
McLean, Ephraim R., Georgia State University, USA
Nolan, Richard, Harvard Business School, USA
Nunamaker, Jay F., University of Arizona, USA
Sibley, Edgar H., George Mason University, USA
Turban, Efraim, University of Hawaii, USA
Whinston, Andrew B., The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Zmud, Robert W., University of Oklahoma, USA
Zwass, Vladimir, Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA
**Editorial Board Members*
Avgerou, Chrisanthi, The London School of Economics and Political 
Science, UK
Baskerville, Richard L., Georgia State University, USA
Bui, Tung X., University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Chau, Patrick Y.K., The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Chen, Houn-Gee, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Chen, Hsinchun, The University of Arizona, USA
Davis, Fred D., University of Arkansas, USA
Du, Timon C., The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Fichman, Robert G., Boston College, USA
Galletta, Dennis F., University of Pittsburgh, USA
Gordon, Michael D., University of Michigan Business School, USA
Gregor, Shirley, The Australian National University, Australia
Grover, Varun, Clemson University, USA
Hirschheim, Rudy, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA
Iivari, Juhani, University of Oulu, Finland
Ives, Blake, University of Houston, USA
Jarvenpaa, Sirkka, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Jiang, James J., National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Karahanna, Elena, University of Georgia, USA
Kauffman, Robert J., Singapore Management University, Singapore
Kirsch, Laurie J., University of Pittsburgh, USA
Lederer, Albert L., University of Kentucky, USA
Lee, Allen, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Leidner, Dorothy E., Baylor University, USA
Liang, Ting-Peng, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Pankowska, Malgorzata, University of Economics, Poland
Sabherwal, Rajiv, University of Arkansas, USA
Sambamurthy, Vallab, Michigan State University, USA
Sarkar, Sumit, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Saunders, Carol S., University of Central Florida, USA
Schoder, Detlef, University of Cologne, Germany
Shaw, Michael, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Sheng, Olivia, University of Utah, USA
Straub, Detmar W., Georgia State University, USA
Te'eni, Dov, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Vessey, Iris, University of Queensland, Australia
Vogel, Douglas R., City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Wang, Eric T.G., National Central University, Taiwan
Wei, Kwok Kee, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Whang, Seungjin, Stanford University, USA
Yen, David C., State University of New York, USA

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