[AISWorld] R-Courseware: 38 courses on R software, 12 months, 24/7 access

Geoffrey Hubona ghubona at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 09:30:48 EDT 2014

See http://tinyurl.com/myrcourses

Discounted 12-month summer registration costs ends at midnight on August
31. Registration includes 12-month, 24/7 access to existing inventory of 38
R courses and all downloadable assistive toolbar applications, plus any new
courses, or content extending existing courses, added during 2014-2015.
If you want to learn how to perform statistical analyses; data analyses
and/or data mining; graphical presentations of data; and/or programming
with open-source R software for your school work or for your job, please
consider this opportunity.
1300+ video and materials files with approximately 1600 hours of individual
content. Registrants may also participate in live online courses, at no
additional cost, at their discretion.
We also accommodate larger groups and/or provide individual, private,
dedicated educational sites for universities and/or organizations under
their own logo for which we perform all maintenance tasks and assume all
monthly operating costs.

Visit http://tinyurl.com/myrcourses

Geoff Hubona
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