[AISWorld] Can you help us understand the role of IS Scholars in Medical Informatics?

Monica Chiarini Tremblay tremblay at fiu.edu
Thu Sep 4 15:45:22 EDT 2014

Dear Colleague,
We are conducting a study to understand the role of Information Systems research in the Medical Informatics Community.  Our goal is to understand similarities and differences between two communities that conduct research in the important area of Health Information Technology.  This is part of a larger study that will seek to understand synergies between the two fields ; including shared research methodologies, topics and research outlets.  To obtain your input, researchers from Florida International University have developed a short online survey and request your participation. Can you help us by taking a few minutes to answer this online survey?
The survey is anonymous, and the research team will only report group level analysis.
Thank you for your participation in this effort.

Monica Chiarini Tremblay PhD
Interim Chair and Associate Professor
Faculty Director Masters of Science Health Informatics and Management Systems
Decision Sciences and Information Systems Department
College of Business
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199
+1 305 348 3741(w)
+1 305 812 7554 (c)


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