[AISWorld] COMPSAC 2015 Symposium on IT in Practice, @ COMPSAC 2015, 1-5 July 2015, Taiwan

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For your kind information:



Call for Papers 

COMPSAC 2015 Symposium on IT in Practice


1-5 July 2015, Taichung, Taiwan.
Submissions due: 17 Jan 2015 




This new COMPSAC symposium on IT in Practice (ITiP) is directed towards the
interests and needs of IT practitioners, application developers, IT
managers, and CXOs from business, industry, and government, as well as
academics and researchers.  The symposium, co-sponsored by IEEE CS
<http://www.computer.org/itpro> IT Professional, is an interactive forum for
sharing and gaining valuable insights and experiences and for actively
engaging with their peers from around the globe. It aims to inspire
professionals, executives and researchers to focus on diverse elements
necessary to successfully architect, design, engineer, configure and field a
range of IT applications in several domains. 


For further details see the call for papers available online at:
<http://bitly.com/itip-symp> http://bitly.com/itip-symp.








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