[AISWorld] Special Issue:"Designing the Market of Data - for Practical Data Sharing via Educational and Innovative Communications (MoDAT-2015)"

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Open Journal of Information Systems (OJIS): Call for Papers

Special Issue:
"Designing the Market of Data - for Practical Data Sharing via 
Educational and Innovative Communications (MoDAT-2015)"

In the market of data, where data are reasonably dealt with -- sold, 
opened, or shared based on negotiation. Since last year, we have been 
aiming at realizing a social environment where each person on earth 
feels free to share one’s own and others’ data, with learning latent 
values of data, without fearing the loss of business opportunities. 
Since 2013, we have been observing effects of communication in 
experimental markets of data. Among other effects, humans’ thoughts for 
and by sharing/combining data turned out to be innovative in that born 
ideas tend to lead to novel and productive proposals in real businesses. 
Also, the effect was educative in that participants tend to learn 
methods and techniques for analyzing latent dynamics behind data. 
Reflecting such observations, here we call for contributions about to 
understand and design the market of data as an environment for 
educational and innovative communications. Furthermore, in the market of 
data, a data scientist is expected to learn techniques for data mining 
from others who have been working on data from different domains. 
Analogies based on similarities between data are expected to accelerate 
such learning, and such the analogy may be aided by visualized 
correlations among features of data and among success/failure cases of 

For this special issue we call for scientific/technical/philosophical 
papers about what we can/should do for creating a mark etplace where 
data and analysts’ knowledge are shared by selling and buying, with 
reasonably determining the conditions for sharing. Or, people in the 
market may communicate to decide to expose the data as open-source, if 
the trust of the data provider is expected to be elevated highly due to 
the contribution to people in the public. Thus the Market of Data means 
a place where the value of data and knowledge can be externalized.

The special issue expects original, high-quality papers, including but 
NOT limited to the following topics:

- Data/Text mining and visualization:
Methods for visualizing links among data, representing their 
similarities and the possibility to combine them. Mining data/text for 
finding essential attributes and for extracting noteworthy causalities 
among events in data is also included in this topic.

- Communication, education, and innovation:
Communication of stakeholders, which may externalize the use scenarios 
of and the latent value of data, is an important topic here. This effect 
may be reinforced by the visualization mentioned above, and even trigger 
the creation of products/services and the learning of the potential 
impact of data on the decision of people.

- Knowledge representation:
It is desired to construct ontologies of variables in data, for 
reasonably linking among heterogeneous data. Hierarchical structures of 
relevance among events, concepts, and variables, should be also 
considered and discussed here, since it will support the thoughts of 
analysts and users of users.

We also love to involve ones beyond the community of data mining --- 
e.g., educators, business administrators, stock dealers, sociologists, 
cognitive scientists.

Prof. Yukio Ohsawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan.
Prof. Akinori Abe, Chiba University, Japan

Submission Deadline: February 28, 2015
Author Notification: May 31, 2015

NOTE: The sooner that authors submit their papers, the sooner that the 
authors get the notification. Every paper, once accepted, will be 
published immediately.

For detailed information on the manuscript submission and preparation, 
please visit Author Guidelines 

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