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Dear all

We just opened the submission system of the 2015 PLS user conference in Seville (Spain). You find out more details below. Also check the interesting publication opportunities (e.g., special issues) at the end of this post.

Best regards,

The Conference Co-Chairs

2015 PLS User Conference: 2nd International Symposium on Partial Least Squares Path Modeling - The Conference for PLS Users

Place: University of Seville, Spain


* June 17-18, 2015 (main conference)
* June 16 & 19, 2015 (pre- and post-conference workshops)

Conference Co-Chairs:

* Joerg Henseler (University of Twente)
* Christian M. Ringle (Hamburg University of Technology)
* Jose L. Roldan (University of Seville)
* Gabriel Cepeda (University of Seville)

Web page and Call For Papers: http://2015.pls-symposium.org <http://2015.pls-symposium.org/>
Contact: info at 2015.pls-symposium.org <mailto:info at 2015.pls-symposium.org>

About the Conference

The 2nd International Symposium on Partial Least Squares Path Modeling - The Conference for PLS Users is for researchers in business and social sciences who apply and advance partial least squares (PLS) path modeling. It provides a platform for the fruitful exchange of ideas regarding variance-based structural equation modeling. It resumes and enriches the ongoing discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of PLS path modeling.

The main symposium takes place on June 17 & 18, 2015. There will be a pre-conference workshop on 16 June 2015 to provide an introduction to PLS path modeling (in English and Spanish), and on 19 June 2015, a post-conference workshop will take place on new developments in the context of PLS path modeling. Detailed information about the conference and the workshops can be found at http://2015.pls-symposium.org <http://2015.pls-symposium.org/>.

Disciplines and Topics

The conference will cover best-practice applications of PLS path modeling in various disciplines, as well as methodological advances. In particular, we welcome PLS path modeling applications in

* Marketing,
* International Business,
* Strategic Management,
* Information Systems,
* Accounting,
* Human Resource Management,
* Organizational Behavior,
* Service Management,
* Operations Management,
* Innovation Management,
* Educational Research,
* Psychology,
* Environmental Research, and
* other related disciplines.

Some of the emerging advances of PLS will include goodness-of-fit measures for PLS, robust segmentation methods, factor vs. component-based modeling, consistent PLS, and the use of PLS path modeling for predictive vs. explanatory research.

Keynote Speeches

Keynote speeches will be delivered by

* Edward E. Rigdon (Georgia State University, USA),
* Theo K. Dijkstra (University of Groningen, the Netherlands),
* Wynne W. Chin (University of Houston, USA), and
* Joe Hair (Kennesaw State University, USA).

Publishing Opportunities

There will be a special issue of the Journal of Business Research (JBR, published by Elsevier) titled "Prediction-oriented Modeling in Business Research by Means of Partial Least Squares Path Modeling". The conference chairs are guest editors of this special issue. Further details:

* Paper submission deadline is 15 September 2015.
* The JBR special issue seeks to provide a forum for topical issues that demonstrate PLS path modeling's usefulness in management and business applications.
* A description of the method, its empirical applications, and potential methodological advancements that increase its usefulness in research and practice will be specifically emphasized.
* Theoretical, methodological and empirical manuscripts will be considered as long as the topic has strong implications for business research and practice.
* The best papers of the symposium will be invited for submission.
* The papers selected must include predictive validation testing of models using hold out samples and testing for causal asymmetry.
* This Special Issue seeks fine pieces showing a proper and significant application of these types of algorithms in marketing and management topics mainly and with a predictive orientation as well.
* Link to the JBR call for papers: http://2015.pls-symposium.org/CFP.pdf <http://2015.pls-symposium.org/CFP.pdf>

Outstanding methodological papers on partial least squares path modeling will be invited to submit to a special section of Quality & Quantity (Q&Q, published by Springer). Deadlines and further details will be communicated soon.

Some of the conference chairs are also special issue guest editors of a European Management Journal (EMJ, published by Elsevier) special issue on PLS-SEM. The paper submission deadline is after the conference, at September 30, 2015. Link to the EMJ call for papers: http://info.smartpls.com/2015_EMJ_CFP_PLS.pdf <http://info.smartpls.com/2015_EMJ_CFP_PLS.pdf>

Selected IS papers will be routed to the review system of The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems (published by the ACM SIGMIS). Two Senior Editors of this journal will select the best papers in the Information Systems area in order to be fast tracked into the review system.

Important Dates

* January 26, 2015: Deadline for Regular Conference Paper Submissions
* February 9, 2015: Deadline for Special Conference Session Proposals
* February 23, 2015: Deadline for Work-in-Progress Submissions

Dr. José L. Roldán
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Senior Editor, The DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems 
http://www.sigmis.org/DataBase.html <http://www.sigmis.org/DataBase.html>

Department of Business Administration and Marketing
University of Seville 
Ramon y Cajal, 1. 41018 Seville (SPAIN) 
Voice: (34) 954 554 458 / 575 Fax: (34) 954 556 989 
Skype: jlroldan67
<mailto:jlroldan at us.es <mailto:jlroldan at us.es>> URL: http://personal.us.es/jlroldan <http://personal.us.es/jlroldan>

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