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Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), August 13-15, 2015, Puerto Rico

Track: Social-Technical Issues and Social Inclusion (SIGSI)

MiniTrack: Social Inclusion

We invite submissions to the mini-track, "Social Inclusion" within the Social-Technical Issues and Social Inclusion Track for AMCIS 2015. This mini-track welcomes relevant theoretical, empirical, and intervention research, in either full paper or research-in-progress format, that relates to the mission of SIG Social Inclusion (SIGSI). The purpose of SIGSI is to promote research, pedagogy, and outreach on all aspects of social inclusion in the field of Information Systems (IS). The goal of such efforts is to stimulate greater diversity of thought and personnel in AIS and the IS field overall, and participation of all our members in a more socially-aware and inclusive discipline. Social inclusion research includes topics such as the gender gap in the IS field, gender minorities (e.g. LGBT community), intersectionality of identities (such as ethnicity, gender and socio-economic class), the digital divide, underserved groups in the information society (such as persons with disability), and a range of topics related to human diversity, and the "haves" and "have nots" in the information society.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·       Gender and IS use

·       The gender gap in the IS discipline

·       The influence of the intersection of race, gender and culture on adoption and use of information and communication technologies (ICT)

·       Analysis of the digital divide from a multilayered demographic perspective

·       Demographic analyses of IT workers and/or the under representation of minority groups in technical work

·       How human differences improve or affect the use of or participation with information and communication technologies (ICT) among socially inclusive communities

·       Cultural differences in roles, expectations, and stereotypes regarding women's involvement with information technology in different countries

·       Theories and research frameworks for investigating gender and diversity issues in information technology

·       Empirical research on gender and diversity in the global information economy

·       Methodological challenges of examining cultural influences on gender and IT

·       Factors that influences the enrollment and retention of female students in IS/IT majors

·       Initiatives and programs that aim at recruiting and retaining women in IS/IT educational pipelines

·       The role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to facilitate mentoring of women and other underrepresented groups in information technology

·       Challenges associated with the retention of women in the information technology workforce

·       Work-life balance issues for women in the information technology workforce

·       Strategies and initiatives to counter the opting-out of women in the information technology fields

·       Initiatives and programs to encourage women to seek training and reenter the information technology workforce

·       Initiatives to improve women's participation in information technology that fit with a specific socio-cultural context

Important Dates:

·       January 5, 2015: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2015 begin

·       February 25, 2015: AMCIS manuscript submissions closes for authors

·       May 5, 2015: Final decisions on AMCIS 2015 program are made


Contact Information for Mini-track Chair:

Michelle Carter
Assistant Professor
The Information School
University of Washington
Mary Gates Hall 330G
Seattle WA 98195

email: mscarter at uw.edu<mailto:mscarter at uw.edu>

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