[AISWorld] Valuing Virtual Worlds: AIS Journal Club Webinar on Feb. 4

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Wed Jan 28 08:30:51 EST 2015


Spring 2015 AIS Journal Club Webinar Series
Valuing Virtual Worlds: The Role of Categorization in Technology Assessment

Join us for the second semester of the AIS Journal Club featuring authors from the Journal of the Association for Information Systems.

February 4 at 1 p.m. EST
presented by Luciara Nardon, PhD, Carleton University and
Kathryn Aten, PhD, Naval Postgraduate School

Webinar Learning Objectives:
We will introduce two research projects as a venue for generating a conversation on:
•      Qualitative research methods in information systems research.
•      The role of cognition and culture in the assessment and use of information systems.
•      The potential and challenges of adopting a symbolic action perspective on information systems research.

About this Research
Virtual worlds offer great potential for supporting the collaborative work of geographically distributed teams. However, reports indicate the existence of substantial barriers to the acceptance and use of virtual worlds in business settings.

In this paper, we explore how individuals' interpretations of virtual worlds influence their judgments of the value of the technology. We conducted a qualitative analysis set in the context of a large computer and software company that was in the process of adopting virtual worlds for distributed collaboration. We identified interpretations of virtual worlds that suggest three mental categories: virtual worlds as a medium, virtual worlds as a place, and virtual worlds as an extension of reality.

We associated these mental categories with different criteria for assessing the value of virtual worlds in a business setting. This study contributes particularly to the acceptance of virtual worlds but also more generally to the understanding of technology acceptance by demonstrating that the relative importance of the criteria for assessing a technology varies with potential users' interpretations and mental categorizations.

About the Authors:

Dr. Kathryn Aten is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, U.S.A. where she teaches business policy and strategy. Her research explores the role of cognition and technology in organizations, focusing on how interactions between technology use, culture and communication shape organizational behavior and outcomes.

Dr. Luciara Nardon is an Associate Professor of International Business at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Canada where she teaches International Management and Strategy at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research explores the role of culture and cognition on management, focusing on how cognitive processes, communication skills, and technology use facilitate work in multicultural environments.

About AIS:
AIS Members attend webinars free as a benefit of membership. Members of student chapters also receive free registration. Cost to attend as a non-member is $25. If you are not an AIS member you will receive an email with payment instructions after registering. If you indicated an interest in joining, you'll be contacted with membership details.

If you have any questions about attending or sponsoring this webinar series, please

contact Rachel Daeger at rachel at aisnet.org<mailto:rachel at aisnet.org>.

Journal Clubs were established more than 150 years ago for professors and students to share and discuss current research. Today, this same educational exchange can take place worldwide through online webinars.

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