[AISWorld] Opportunity for International IS Researchers: The World IT Project (second posting)

Prashant Palvia pcpalvia at uncg.edu
Wed Jan 28 14:16:29 EST 2015

Note: Since our first posting, significant progress has been made in
signing new countries.

Dear IS colleagues:

If you are a researcher from outside the U.S. and would like to participate
in this landmark research, please consider joining the World IT Project.
This groundbreaking research is likely to make a major imprint on IS
research for years to come. The World IT Project is designed to examine
important issues confronting IT employees, both staff and management, in
many countries of the world.  The project requires survey data collection
from different countries, representing different cultures, levels of
economic growth, societal and religious beliefs, and political systems. In
terms of scope, the project is akin to Hofstede’s research on culture and
the GLOBE project.

Specifically, the project will examine various IT employee issues, such as
organizational IT issues, technology issues, and individual issues. Among
organizational IT issues are the roles of IT strategic planning,
IT-business alignment, business process reengineering, security and
privacy, and IT reliability and efficiency, to name a few, in the nature
and experience of IT employment.  Technology issues include how cloud
computing, social media, ERP systems, business intelligence, and big data,
again to name just a few, are perceived by IT workers to influence their
jobs.  Some of the factors concerning individuals include job satisfaction,
efficacy, and role ambiguity.  For a deeper understanding of these, the
context is important.  These contextual variables include such factors as
the organizational variables (including structure and strategy),
organizational culture, IT occupational culture, and national culture.

More information is available at:

More than 40 countries from all parts of the globe will be targeted.  The
project was initiated in mid 2013 and already 23 countries have signed up
as shown below.

Saudi Arabia
South Africa

We are seeking additional committed researchers from other countries to
join us in this endeavor.  Typically 1-3 investigators will be assigned to
each country. Some specific countries targeted are: Egypt, Finland, France,
Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, South Korea,
Taiwan, and U.K.  For each targeted country, data will be collected from
10-15 IT employees from 25-30 organizations, yielding a minimum sample size
of 300.

The direct benefits to you from joining The World IT Project are the

-    You get readymade instrument and procedures. Your main effort is in
data collection.
-    You have access to the best expertise.
-    You will have co-authorship in several publications. This will include
co-authorship using data from your country and co-authorship in comparative
studies that include your country.
-    You will have international colleagues to collaborate with.
-    There will be tremendous opportunities for growth

Your roles and responsibilities will include the following:

-    Commit to the project and collect quality data in a timely manner.
-    Assist in writing.
-    Be responsive to project requests and deadlines.
-    Attend an annual meeting of the group to discuss project progress and

The Project’s Core Team members include: Drs. Naveed Baqir, Jaideep Ghosh,
Tim Jacks, Paul Licker, Prashant Palvia (project leader), Celia Romm
Livermore, and Aykut Hamit Turan. For more information, please contact any
of the team members or Prashant Palvia at pcpalvia at uncg.edu.

Thank you.

Prashant Palvia
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
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