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In its September-October issue, IT <http://www.computer.org/itpro>
Professional will review wearable computing trends and applications and
consider the engineering and operational aspects of wearable computing. It
solicits papers covering various topics of interest in wearable computing
(see details below). Submission deadline: 5 March 2015.




San Murugesan




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Wearable Computing

Submission deadline: 5 March 2015
Publication: September/October 2015

Given the growing popularity of Google Glass, the Apple iWatch, Fitbit, and
many other wearable devices, wearable computing is a topic of significant
interest. The use of wearables for specific applications, such as healthcare
monitoring or elderly support, is becoming a reality. Wearable computing
also extends into the workplace - making it safer, more comfortable, and
more productive - and the military, with advanced technologies being
integrated into suits and clothes for soldiers.

Driven by advances in mobile computing and communications, ambient
intelligence, and ubiquitous sensors, wearable computing facilitates a new
form of human-computer interaction via small, on-body devices that are
always on, ready, and accessible. The "always ready" capability leads to a
new form of synergy between humans and computers, offering consistency and
multitasking capabilities.

Areas of wearable computing research include user interface design,
augmented reality, pattern recognition, and wireless and personal area
network technologies. This issue of IT Professional will review wearable
computing trends and applications and consider the engineering and
operational aspects of wearable computing. We solicit papers covering
various topics of interest in wearable computing, including the following:

.         System design

.         Personal and enterprise applications

.         Case studies on organizations embracing wearables

.         Impact on user interface design, augmented reality, and wireless

.         Integrating wearables into larger systems (such as augmented
reality systems, training systems, and platforms for collaborative work)

.         Behavioral modeling

.         Management of wearable devices

.         Cultural and social implications of adopting wearable computing

.         Application areas - such as electronic textiles and fashion

.         Privacy, personal safety, and quality of life issues

.         Collective human intelligence

.         Innovations in and prospects of wearable computing

.         How wearables can help achieve better outcomes in the military
health system

Feature articles should be no longer than 4,200 words (with tables and
figures each counting as 300 words) and have no more than 20 references.
Illustrations are welcome. For author guidelines, including sample articles
see  <http://www.computer.org/portal/web/peerreviewmagazines/acitpro>

Submit your article at  <https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/itpro-cs%20>


For further information contact the Guest Editors:

.         Maria R. Lee, Shih Chien University,
<mailto:maria.lee at g2.usc.edu.tw> maria.lee at g2.usc.edu.tw

.         Irena Bojanova, University of Maryland University College,
<mailto:IBojanova at umuc.edu> ibojanova at umuc.edu

.         Tom Suder, Mobile Gov,  <mailto:tsuder at mobilegovt.com>
tsuder at mobilegovt.com 






Professor San Murugesan 

Editor-in-Chief, IEEE  <http://www.computer.org/itpro> IT Professional

Editor, IEEE  <http://www.computer.org/computer> Computer and Cloud Cover

Sydney, Australia


Website:  <http://tinyurl.com/sanbio> http://tinyurl.com/sanbio

Email:  <mailto:san at computer.org> san@ computer.org

Twitter:  <http://twitter.com/santweets> @santweets
Linked-In:  <http://tinyurl.com/sanlinks> http://tinyurl.com/sanlinks

Co-Editor, Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing, Wiley, 2014:
<http://tinyurl.com/encloud> http://tinyurl.com/encloud

IT Professional (Complimentary copies):

    Enhanced PDF: http://tinyurl.com/itpro-pdf 

    eBook version:  http://tinyurl.com/itpro-web





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