[AISWorld] DESRIST 2015 - Call for Products and Prototypes

Markus Helfert markus.helfert at computing.dcu.ie
Wed Feb 25 08:50:27 EST 2015

Final Call for Products and prototypes : implementations of innovative 
IT artifacts (i.e. constructs, models, methods).
*1st March 2015: *Submission Deadline (for Products and Prototypes).

The tenth DESRIST conference will bring together researchers and 
practitioners engaged in all aspects of design science research, with a 
special emphasis on nurturing the symbiotic relationship between design 
science researchers and practitioners. Apart from theoretical 
contributions we are encouraging submissions on specific solutions, such 
as products and prototypes.

DESRIST 2015 - Design Science Research in Information Systems and 
Accelerating Dialogue with Industry through Design Science Research
Clontarf Castle, Dublin, Ireland
May 21-22, 2015

Much has been written about the potential for high-impact design science 
research, based upon the paradigmís ability to generate applicable and 
relevant findings for practice. Yet the relationship between design 
science and practice extends beyond the publication and consumption of 
research. Many design science studies take place in the context of live 
individual or organisational projects, which require ongoing 
collaboration between the practitioners and researchers involved. This 
collaboration can facilitate a continuous and reciprocal knowledge 
sharing, as cutting-edge theoretical insights are applied in 
environments that are natural, complex, and evolving.

Dr. Markus Helfert
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Phone:  +49 -7541 6009 1476
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