[AISWorld] AIS SIG GlobDev 2015 Pre-ECIS Workshop: Submission Deadline extended

Kweku-Muata A Osei-Bryson kmosei at vcu.edu
Mon Mar 2 07:08:13 EST 2015

*AIS SIG GlobDev 2015 Pre-ECIS Workshop*

Münster, Germany

May 26, 2015

*Title of the Workshop*

*Conversations on Development: can ICTs make a difference in Climate,
Political and Health Disturbances?*

*Description *

The issue of the role of ICTs in the various dimensions of national
Development has long been considered a significant area of IS research that
has attracted the interests of IS researchers at several European
universities as well as other universities in developed and developing
economies.  In the past ten years, the access, use and innovations in ICTs
to bring people in the remotest and poorest parts of the world as active
participants in the global economy, has made the study of ICTs for
Development an important means of understanding how improvements in
people’s live may or may not take place though IS implementations. Further
in parallel with this increased access & use of ICTs has been the
increasing occurrence of natural disasters due to climate disturbance,
major healthcare crises, and civil wars that pose significant threats to
the stability and self-determination agendas of developing countries &
communities. An issue that is worthy of consideration is the role of ICTs
in facilitating the empowerment of such countries to achieve
self-determination and other development goals at the national and
individual levels.

Relevant topics for this Workshop include:

1.            Theoretical lenses and/or empirical studies that enable an
understanding of:

a.            ICTs & Sustainable Development

b.            ICTs & Peace building

c.             ICTs & Disaster Recovery

2.            The role of government policy in fostering ICT human capital,
cooperation and capacity building

3.            ICT Impact Analysis: Sophisticated analyses of the empowering
potential & dangers posed by ICTs.

4.            Social, political, and community development impacts of ICTs.

5.            Social networking for Development,  ICT human capital and
capacity building

6.            Critical and theoretical perspectives on the digital divide
and social inclusion

7.            Challenges of ICT human capital and capacity building in
remote regions

8.            Educational systems; content provision and delivery;
developing ICT skills

9.            Mobile technologies as infrastructure for ICT human capital
and capacity building

10.          Frugal Innovation and innovative ways in which technologies
are applied in developing regions.

Any combination of the above or aspects of human capital and capacity
building for sustainable development will be considered.

*Important Dates *

Submission Deadline       :

March 1, 2015  March 16, 2015

Notification to Authors   :

April 15, 2015

Deadline for Final Papers:

May 5, 2015

  *Submission Handling*

Final submissions should be uploaded electronically to:
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