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CALL FOR PAPERS for a Special Issue of Asia Pacific Journal of Information
Systems (APJIS)

"Electronic Word of Mouth and User Generated Content"


[Guest Editors]

Sung-Byung Yang, Ajou University, South Korea, sbyang at ajou.ac.kr 

Kyung Young Lee, Bishop's University, Canada, klee at ubishops.ca 

Animesh Animesh, McGill University, Canada, animesh.animesh at mcgill.ca 

Saeed Akhlaghpour, Middlesex University, United Kingdom, s.akhlaghpour at



As consumers take greater control over products and services they consume,
electronic word of mouth (eWOM) and user generated content (UGC) are now
being considered as one of the most critical information sources not only
for customers of online goods and services but also for those who are
involved in product development, marketing, and customer services in online
shopping contexts. In recent years, with the radically growing popularity of
(1) social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Twitter, and KakaoTalk,
(2) online review sites (ORS) such as IMDB (movies), Tripadvisor (travel),
and Yelp (restaurants), (3) UGC sharing platforms such as YouTube, Picasa,
and Pinterest, and (4) online product reviews (OPR) created in e-commerce
sites such as Amazon.com, it is now almost impossible for consumers to make
better choices without the help of such online services (SNS, ORS, UGC
sharing platforms, and OPR). 

Most major companies now try to incorporate such eWOM channels by creating
and maintaining their own product/service review websites, online forums,
blogs, and company accounts on SNS in an attempt to increase communication
between businesses and customers (or communication among consumers). But,
only little is known about what kinds of factors contribute to the
generation and propagation of eWOM and UGC, how eWOM and UGC can change
consumers' attitudes toward the products and services and even influence
their purchasing intentions and behaviors, how knowledge is created,
disseminated and adopted through eWOM communication, and how they can
provide significant business value to the providers of products and

Thus, Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems invites submissions for a
special issue on "Electronic Word of Mouth and User Generated Content." This
special issue intends to bridge this knowledge gap by providing an outlet
for innovative and timely contributions pertaining to eWOM and UGC, as
disseminated through different kinds of online communication channels,
including (but not limited to) SNS, ORS, UGC sharing platforms, company- or
3rd-party owned online forums, blogs, and OPR in e-commerce sites. We
especially encourage contributions that address specific topics of eWOM and
UGC in diverse industries such as digital goods (e.g., mobile applications),
healthcare, hospitality, tourism, entertainment, telecommunications, and



Topics for the special issue include, but are not limited to:

- The roles of eWOM or UGC in diverse industry contexts

- Business value of eWOM and UGC in diverse industry contexts 

- Unique opportunities and challenges of eWOM communication strategies

- Innovative eWOM communication strategies using UGC

- Customer engagement strategies using UGC

- Information/knowledge creation, transfer, or adoption of eWOM and UGC

- Comparisons of different types of eWOM channels, as well as UGC

- Antecedents (facilitating/inhibiting factors) of eWOM 

- The impacts of eWOM on consumers' attitude, behavior, and sales

- The valence of user generated contents

- Dynamic perspectives of eWOM and UGC using social networking analysis

- Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues of UGC and eWOM


[Important Dates]

Deadline for Submissions: 30 April 2015

First Decision: 1 July 2015

Revision: 1 September 2015

Final Decision: 1 November 2015

Notification of Acceptance: 15 November 2015

Expected Publication Date: 31 December 2015


[Submission Guidelines and Contact Information]

Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems (APJIS) is a peer reviewed
academic journal published by the Korea Society of Management Information
Systems (KMIS), which is the largest professional institute in the field of
information systems in Korea. The journal website is located at
http://www.apjis.or.kr. Original manuscripts should be prepared according to
the APJIS Submission Guidelines available at
http://www.apjis.or.kr/html/sub_07.asp. Manuscripts may involve
conceptual/theoretical papers, case studies, and empirical research papers.
All inquiries and manuscripts for the Special Issue should be directly sent
to Dr. Sung-Byung Yang (sbyang at ajou.ac.kr) or Dr. Kyung Young Lee (klee
at ubishops.ca) via email with the title of the [Special Issue] in the
Subject Line.


Sung-Byung Yang
Ph.D. of Management Engineering (e-Biz & MIS)
Assistant Professor
School of Business
Ajou University
206 Worldcup-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon 443-749, Korea

E-mail: sbyang at ajou.ac.kr 
Tel: +82-31-219-2726
Fax: +82-31-219-1616


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