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Journal of Management Information Systems
Volume 31 Number 3 (Winter 2014-15) 

Editorial Introduction

Vladimir Zwass

Special Section: IT-Enabled Social and Economic Transitions

Eric K. Clemons,  Robert J. Kauffman and Thomas A. Weber, Guest Editors

Healthcare IT Adoption: An Analysis of Knowledge Transfer in Socioeconomic Networks

Gang Peng, Debabrata Dey and  Atanu Lahiri

Intermediation in a Sharing Economy: Insurance, Moral Hazard, and Rent Extraction

Thomas A. Weber 

Augmenting Conflict Resolution with Informational Response: A Holistic View of Governance Choice in Business Process Outsourcing

Anitesh Barua and Deepa Mani

Autonomous Scientifically Controlled Screening Systems for Detecting Information Purposely Concealed by Individuals

Nathan W. Twyman, Paul Benjamin Lowry, Judee K. Burgoon and Jay F. Nunamaker  

Digital Natives or Digital Immigrants? The Impact of User Characteristics on Online Trust

Christian Pieter Hoffmann, Christoph Lutz, and Miriam Meckel  

Drivers of Quantity and Quality of Participation in Online Policy Deliberation Forums

Chee Wei Phang, Atreyi Kankanhalli and  Lihua Huang  

Classifying, Measuring, and Predicting Users’ Overall Active Behavior on Social Networking Sites

Aihui Chen, Yaobin Lu, Patrick Y.K. Chau and Sumeet Gupta  

Delivery Consolidation and Service Competition Among Internet Service Providers

I. Robert Chiang  and Jhih-Hua Jhang-Li  

Understanding the Drivers of Unethical Programming Behavior: The Inappropriate Reuse of Internet-Accessible Code

Manuel Sojer, Oliver Alexy,  Sven Kleinknecht and Joachim Henkel 

Effects of Freemium Strategy in the Mobile App Market: An Empirical Study of Google Play

Charles Zhechao Liu,  Yoris A. Au  and Hoon Seok Choi

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