[AISWorld] Fully Funded PhD Positions!

Ali Babar ali.babar at adelaide.edu.au
Sun May 17 05:23:57 EDT 2015

Fully funded PhD positions in the area of Engineering Software Intensive Systems and Services at the University of Adelaide Australia.

CREST – The Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies (http://crest-centre.net) at the School of Computer Science University of Adelaide has fully funded PhD positions in the area of Engineering Software Intensive Systems and Services. The successful applicants will have the opportunity to work on one of the several exciting and emerging topics such as architecting robust and scalable Mobile Cloud Computing Systems, Engineering Security and Privacy Sensitive Systems, Architectural design and analysis approaches to big data systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Development & Operations for Cloud-enabled Software Systems, and Crowd Sourcing Processes and Platforms. Some of the potential projects’ titles can be:

• Automated detection and prevention of data exfiltration
• Middleware for Managing Data location, Security, and Privacy
• Process and Tools for Architecture-Centric Migration to Clouds
• Next Generation of Collaborative Workspaces for Crowdsourcing
• Architecture Styles and Tactics for big data systems
• Security in container based cloud computing systems

More details about the available research projects can be found from CREST website: http://crest-centre.net

The potential applicants are expected to have a Masters degree or a bachelor (honour) degree, an excellent academic record, good research and technological knowledge of and skills in one of the abovementioned topics, and demonstrated skills in publishing scientific research papers.

The potential applicants are encouraged to send their CV and scanned copies of their academic transcripts to Professor M. Ali Babar via email (ali.babar at adelaide.edu.au<mailto:ali.babar at adelaide.edu.au>).

Professor M. Ali Babar
Chair of Software Engineering

School of Computer Science
The University of Adelaide, Australia
Phone: +61 8 8313 4478
Fax: +61 8 8313 4366
ali.babar at adelaide.edu.au<https://owa.adelaide.edu.au/owa/redir.aspx?C=VTtx1-t5n0OdqNeqJd8BE0Q-YUwhwtEIpxi_ukXtMcL7rECGKmoTVZmqTzRvZgdTAKOtt-pCSTk.&URL=mailto%3aali.babar%40adelaide.edu.au>

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