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Tue Aug 4 19:58:29 EDT 2015

   II Workshop on Research in Information Systems and Technologies in



   16/October /2015 , Chillan , Chile

   The challenges associated with the development and implementation of
   technologies and information systems in organizations are mainly
   technical and organizational issues. Research in these areas benefits
   from an integrated vision. The discipline of information systems and
   technology (IST) is committed to providing a central hub for the
   harmonious development of systems and organizations. Recently, a
   Collaboration Network in Information Systems and Technologies in Chile
   (RedSTI) has been established in order to provide a place for
   interaction among researchers in information systems and technologies.
   This network brings together university professors from various Chilean
   universities that belong to computer science, business and information
   systems departments.

   The purpose of this workshop is to present both in-progress and
   completed research. We invite national and international researchers to
   submit their preliminary, in-progress, and completed research. Research
   topics includes (not exclusively):
     * Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology
     * Business Intelligence, Analytics, & Knowledge Management
     * Big Data, and Visualization
     * e-Government
     * e-Business and e-commerce
     * Enterprise Systems
     * Global and Cultural Issues in IS
     * Human Computer Interaction
     * Information Systems Security, Assurance, and Privacy Track
     * Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
     * IS in Education, IS Curriculum, Education and Teaching Cases
     * IT Project Management
     * Social-Technical Issues and Social Inclusion Track
     * Systems Analysis & Design (incl. BPM)
     * Virtual Communities and Organizations
     * Global and Cultural Issues in IS
     * IS Governance
     * IS Strategy, Structure, and Organizational Impacts
     * Social Media and Digital Collaboration


   Researchers interested in presenting their research completed or
   in-progress) should send their articles ranging from 2500 to 5000 words
   in PDF format, letter size, in English or Spanish, using the IEEE
   ml) through Easy Chair

   The program committee will select proposals according to their
   relevance, originality and methodological rigor. Articles accepted at
   the workshop will have 20 minutes for presentation (preferably
   audio-visual) and their abstract and presentation will be incorporated
   at the workshop website. Additionally, if there is any exceptional
   research in e-commerce, e-government or related matters, they will be
   invited to submit an extended version (in English) to JTAER (Journal of
   Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, www.jtaer.com).
   Exceptional research in other areas will be invited to submit an
   extended version (in English) to CLEIej  (Latin-american Center for
   Informatics Studies electronic journal, [4]www.clei.cl/cleiej).

                                Important dates

     * Submission deadline: July 31, 2015, August 17, 2015
     * Author notification date: August 31, 2015  September 4, 2015

     * Registration date start: September 15, 2015
     * Revised submission: September 30, 2015
     * Workshop: October 16, 2015

                              Organizing Committee

     * Alfonso Rodriguez, Universidad del Bio-Bio
     * Elizabeth Grandon, Universidad del Bio-Bio
     * Karina Rojas, Universidad del Bio-Bio
     * Aurora Sanchez, Universidad Catolica del Norte

                               Program Committee

     * Jorge Alfaro, Universidad Catolica del Norte
     * Sergio Araya, Universidad del Bio-Bio
     * Hernan Astudillo, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
     * Jorge Bravo Chacon, Universidad de Santiago
     * Guillermo Bustos, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso
     * Miguel Angel Carrasco, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez
     * Alejandro Cataldo Cataldo, Universidad de Talca
     * Narciso Cerpa, Universidad de Talca
     * Broderick Crawford, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso
     * Roberto Gejman Frank, Pontificia Universidad Catolica
     * Sergio Hernandez, Universidad Catolica del Maule
     * Bernhard Hitpass, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
     * Ariel La Paz, Universidad de Chile
     * Sigifredo Laengle, Universidad de Chile
     * Beatriz Marin, Universidad Diego Portales
     * Claudio Meneses, Universidad Catolica del Norte
     * Gonzalo Munoz, Universidad de Tarapaca
     * Patricio Ramirez, Universidad Catolica del Norte
     * Gonzalo Ruz Heredia, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez
     * Cristian Salazar, Universidad Austral
     * Aurora Sanchez, Universidad Catolica del Norte
     * Karol Suchan, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez
     * Angelica Urrutia, Universidad Catolica del Maule

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